No, I’m not at all happy with the new look of my blog.  I know what I wanted it to look like and I thought it would look better than this.  But I don’t have time to put it back.   It’s kind of like when you’re on your way out the door and you look down and your socks don’t match.  In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter anyway, now does it?

6 responses to “MAYBE IT WILL GROW ON YOU

  1. I like the wintry precip. However, just like the several hours of snowfall we receive her a few mornings ago, it never piles up. Wasted snow is a travesty (to those of us who see it only once or twice a year).

  2. I like the fallig snow and the top graphic. The rest is a bit dark.

  3. I love the new look. But if you don’t like it, change it. I love the snow.

  4. Mark, It’s been looking just a little like that on and off here, nothing accumulating. I would be more than happy to send you what we have…

    Cas, Sorry, Hon, I’m not talented enough to do anything about the dark…

    Scott, You do? Heavens. And you’re an artist. I think I’ll leave it then… : )

  5. I happen to be quite fond of this new look, as well. And I’ve always loved the snow.

  6. M+: It is, actually, starting to grow on me. I’m still on a quest to find the perfect template and picture to convey One Wink at a Time, all tied together. I’ve been disjointed for years.

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