Not that anyone was expecting me to post or anything but I actually did have plans to post the rest of the week.  You see, we got so far ahead at work (hard to believe, I know) that I am temporarily off overtime hours.  For the rest of the week, as it stands now.

And one of the first things I thought of doing with those two plus extra hours a day, was actually sitting down here and pretending it was like old times.

But then something came up and this will probly be all you’re gonna get.

My mom called me this afternoon to share the sad news that her sister, my aunt, had died this morning.  As accustomed as I have become the past several months to hearing bad news, I was not prepared at all for this.

My mom has two sisters and as they have aged, I’ve gotten in the habit of thinking of them as The Golden Girls.  While none of the three particularly resemble Rose or Blanche or Dorothy, their collective personalities are as entertaining and delightful.  I have not been in the same room with the three of them for years but the memories I have of them together are precious to me.   There was never a dull moment or a lapse in laughter when they were together.

One of these days I will post a picture of them and a story or two to go with it.

PD and I will be driving back to my hometown on Thursday to pay our respects and share some necessary Family love.  I need to put my time in at work tomorrow and then finish packing for Thursday.  See ya later, ‘gators.

Prayers appreciated for my uncle, my cousin, the grand daughters, my mom and my other aunt.  Thank you.

10 responses to “AWAY FOR A DAY

  1. You got it!

  2. LG: God Bless You, you still come here. Hope you are well. Thanks : )

  3. Sorry about your loss. I hope you have a safe trip, and maybe a little laughter while remembering her.

  4. Be safe and I will keep you all in my prayers! 🙂

  5. Be safe, remember your aunt with love and take care of yourself.

    PS, it’s snowing on your blog.

  6. Everyone: Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Scott: No snow, they’re falling stars. Make a wish!

  7. Prayers on the way. I am sorry for your loss. Hugs to you!

  8. Bailey: You know how much I appreciate this, sweet lady. Thank you.

  9. This is so sad to hear. Hugs to you and yours, and of course my prayers.

  10. Michael: Thank you so very much!

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