PD and I spent last weekend with the Juju Clan  (not linking to Juju’s blog, it seems to be in a state of repose…). It was great.  The littlest Juju boy turned 3 years old.  We sang Happy Birthday (quietly while he covered his ears and closed his eyes- doesn’t like being the center of attention, obviously) and ate cake and ice cream and he opened presents in the traditional way that we  celebrate birthdays.  It was great spending time with them on a happy occasion.  I just happen to have the most awesome grandkids in the world.

There always seem to be some interesting sights and occurences on our way to and from NY.  This time was no exception.  The only thing missing was the usual gorgeous sun and clouds that always seem to be present over Interstate 79.  This time was just gray gloom.  Oh well.

I am not one to buy much into stereotypes such as the ones that you may or may not associate with truck drivers.  But I don’t believe that I’ve ever noticed a truck driver who was of the Oriental persuasion.  Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.  Kind of like a blog I used to read, “Black Men Don’t Ride Bikes.”

Coming down 79 between mile markers 161 and 162, there is a small stuffed gnome strapped to a pole.  That was pretty cool.  Hope he’s keeping warm at night. And not missing his family too much.

There was only ONE BOAT on the lake at Moraine State park.  It wasn’t terribly sunny but it wasn’t cold, so I was surprised.

Saw a license plate on a fancy car (maybe a Lexus?) that read: PRAYD4IT.  Thought that was kind of sad, myself.

A conversation between PD and me on the way~

PD: There’s an unmarked State Police car.

Me:  Question: What’s the sense of an unmarked car if people like you can tell it’s a police vehicle?

PD: (no answer)

Me: How did you know it’s a police car?

PD: It said on the side.

Me: (wth?) Then it wasn’t unmarked, now was it?

PD: Well, there were no lights on top.

It’s just these sorts of exchanges that make me wonder how we get along so well.

Then there was this~

We’d come out of a rest stop.  PD had been waiting for me, reading the front page of USA Today.  There was an article about a bomb-sniffing dog that had been lost in the Afghan desert for a year and he read me the the headline.  I had been thinking about something and what he’d said only half-registered in my busy brain. He told me that when they found the dog they honored him with a regular hero’s welcome. It suddenly occurred to me that it seemed highly weird that they would train an Afghan Hound to sniff bombs.  And how in the heck would one survive for a year in the desert?  Yeah, this is how my brain works.  And why PD deserves your prayers.  And more of my undivided attention.



8 responses to “OBSERVATIONS

  1. Now I’ll be on the lookout for Asian truck drivers. Actually, I’ll ask my high school classmate who is a truck driver.

    I hope PD is more patient with you when you half-way tune in to a conversation than Shannon is with me. I think maybe that’s because I often don’t manage even half-way.

  2. Mark: I hate that about myself and I blame a lot of it on stress. I also have the attention span of a 5 year old with ADHD (is that what it’s called?) and if something doesn’t pique my interest, it’s very hard for me to concentrate. PD is awesomely patient with me in many ways that I don’t deserve. The man is a saint.

  3. Good post, some good laughs there, and I will be adding PD to my prayer list.

  4. Jeff: Knowing I made you laugh, even a little, makes my day. : )
    (I was being sincere there.) And PD will thank you when I tell him why he’s on your list.

  5. The visit with the Juju Clan sounds like it went great. I’m so happy to hear about it. You’ve needed that brief respite.
    I’ll tell mom that we have to watch for asian truck drivers while we’re taking our annual Thanksgiving pilgramage to Ft Recovery. She’ll enjoy knowing that you came up with the idea.
    So, you saw the Travelocity Roaming Gnome on 79? That’s cool!
    I think your conversation with PD is common among married couples. But I’ll still keep praying for him.

  6. Michael: I didn’t know there was such a thing as the TR Gnome. I googled it. He’s not the same as the one I saw. This one was stuffed and bigger. Since 79 is a travel route for so many college students, I assumed some kids strapped him there.
    Apologies for not getting an email to you, been crazy busy lately. It will come.
    Wishing you and your mom a safe trip. Please give her a hug for me and warm Thanksgiving wishes to both of you. And I hope you have good walks and naps : )

  7. Now all I can think of is that poor gnome out in the cold. I needed a laugh today, thanks. Hope you and your family have a very Happy and Relaxing Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have met you, you are an awesome person!

  8. OMG! The Roaming Gnome has been a part of Trevelocity’s commercials for over 5 years now. I love the little guy. He has so many adventures and I’m jealous of him.
    Yeah, college kids will do stuff like that.
    Don’t fret over the e-mail. I’m looking forward to having all kinds of good stuff to share with you when we do have time. All I can say at the moment is God has pulled off some miraculous stuff for me lately. That ought to pique your interest…
    I’ll give mom that hug and I will make sure to take a few really long walks in between my really long naps. And I’ll get lots of pictures too, I hope.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

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