I was never a fan of Norah Jones.  That is, until I heard this song.  Then I fell in love.

Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates

5 responses to “THINGS CAN CHANGE

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve always liked Norah Jones. And her father, Ravi Shankar

  2. Cas: I remember having a Ravi Shankar album when I was growing up : )

  3. Her father is Ravi Shankar? How cool! I love his Dancing Drums, which is on the LittleBigPlanet (PS3 game) soundtrack.

    I originally clicked over to the comments to say that I’m surprised it took this song to make you a Norah Jones fan. I’ve loved her voice since her debut album, and this song doesn’t really showcase that as well as her previous work (IMO).

  4. Mark: Yep, he is. To be honest, I never really gave her a chance. To the point where I got her mixed up with Alicia Keys. It’s that bluesy thing that I rarely get into. I do agree she has a great voice, it’s the material that didn’t suck me in.
    Good to hear from you, Buddy : )

  5. Oh and Mark: PD asked me why I never really listened to Norah and made me think. My best answer is that I am way more likely- like 99.9% more- to spend time checking out and listening to unsigned bands and artists. It’s how I roll ; )

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