I wrote a lengthy post in my head last night when I couldn’t get to sleep due to being all stuffed up and slightly achy.  Guess what?  This morning I can’t even remember what the subject was.

But while I have your attention, I’ll tell you this. I’m considering getting my old blog put into book form.  Just because I can.  I was reading some of it last night and it’s so much better than this one.  I should be ashamed of myself for not giving this blog the tender loving care and time that I invested in the old one.  Just goes to show you, I’m getting lazier and less prolific in my old age.

Off to start my day.  Yay.

8 responses to “NOTHING COMES

  1. Blogging seems harder for me these days. I post in Facebook occasionally, and it just seems more casual.

    But I like blogging best!

  2. Cas: The magic of blogging seems to be floundering a bit for me. Mostly because I don’t have the time to produce “quality” posts… if I am even capable of that anymore. I find that I don’t bother to make the effort when I know I’ll be hurried. It makes me sad because blogging is a favorite pastime. Facebook is starting to lose the initial appeal that it first held for me.

    Scott: I never considered calling it anything other than One Wink at a Time. Maybe a subtitle, “The Early Years.” Yeah, I know, that’s not very original. But thanks for reminding me that I’m not locked into the obvious. I need constant pricking in that area. Prodding, maybe was a better term.

  3. I miss your old blog, too…

  4. M+: What an incredibly touching and honest sentiment. You are awesome, Bro’ : )

  5. i wonder if your first one was better b/c maybe it was more “anonymous”? only reason i ask that is b/c i think my writing changed based on how many family members were reading it. cept, my older ones are not as good me thinks.

  6. Leah: Nah, I wasn’t more anonymous. I rilly, rilly had more time then. And more to share. My life these days is filled with more work. (read: boring shit)

  7. Thank you. I do try.

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