Dear Blog,

So how have you been?  I know that you’re here because I stop in once or twice a day to make sure you’re still up and running…

I apologize for not taking the time to tend to you lately.  Things have been especially busy with work and getting the house in order.  The kids are coming today and I want to have everything ready so that PD and I can relax and enjoy their wonderful company. I will try my best to come back and at least answer the comments that my friends have been kind enough to leave.

Take care and hope to see you soon.


One Wink

5 responses to “DEAR BLOG

  1. HA, I knew you were still around, I KNEW IT!

    Have fun with the kids wink.

  2. Enjoy your family. Dear Blog can wait.


  3. Hey! Look at that. A new post. Has the apocalypse begun yet?

  4. Jeff: Thanks for not givin’ up on me. Me and the kids, we’re gonna dance : ) And eat. And stuff. (Stuff, the noun, not the verb)

    Cas: Thanks kindly. I will and it shall.

    M+: Another smart remark from you and… and… um, well… I deserved that.

  5. Enjoy those kids and git back in here!

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