Now and then I need to stop and remind myself that not everyone “gets” my sarcasm.  On here, anyway.   (And every once in a while in real life, too.)  It’s funny how you tend to assume that when someone reads what you write, that they’re taking it in in the same way you’re putting it out.   I don’t usually intend to come across as truly harsh or overly judgmental.  I forget that the reader can’t see me sitting here typing with a gleam in my eye or my tongue in my cheek.   A perfect example is the post I wrote recently about “pretents” in which I went on about how some of their speaking habits bugged me.  (A pretent, if you’re not familiar with the post, is the name I made up for a pretentious person.  It was supposed to be a jab at myself, as the whole point of the post was about how they (pretents) shorten words to appear to be cool…)  Someone I adore admitted to shortening her words and apologized for appearing to be a pretent.  In actuality,  she doesn’t have a pretentious bone in her body and I gasped to think that she thought I might consider her that way. She’s not the only person to read here who had that reaction, so I can only surmise that others may have reacted the same. (BTW, if you’re reading, B. and J., I ❤ you both!)

There have been times that I’ve mistaken people’s sarcasm, too.  It’s not hard to do.  When you don’t personally know people and are just reading what they write, never having sat together for a real life conversation, how do you really know how to interpret what they write?  I’ve struggled with this and wondered how to get things across… There are terrific bloggers who are terribly sarcastic and it’s very evident.  The first one  who comes to my mind is dooce.  I envy her ability to be funny and sarcastic and still get a heart-felt idea across.  (The post I’ve linked to coincidentally addresses the fact that there are always readers who don’t “get” what she’s putting out there…)

Let me just say, I don’t really know how to get around this.  I was born with this sense of humor and I come from a long line of sarcasts.  I think though that I may label my rants as sarcastic in the future.  If you’re reading something here and it makes you feel uncomfortable or that I’m speaking directly to you, look up at the top of the post at the category and if it says “*wink wink*,” then that’s all it is.

So.  There it is.  I just wanted to get that off my chest.  If there’s ever anything I say that offends you somehow, please call me on it and give me a chance to clarify.  Just because I’ve been blogging for as long as I have, it doesn’t mean I know all the rules or even if I’m any good at it.

Now if I were getting paid to do it, that would make all the difference…

3 responses to “NOTE: NEW CATEGORY

  1. The written word can get one into trouble even when communicating with meatspace friends. In fact, my wife has almost lost one long-time friend and pretty much did lose another — all via e-mail. Nobody ever bothered to pick up a phone or arrange a meeting. Much of it was due to the tone of voice, inflection, whatever you call it, not coming across in the written word. Something like, “That’s not fair!” was taken literally and it all blew up from there.

    So, although it might happen more often with those who have never met you and have not seen your mannerisms, a misunderstanding can slip in there even with the best of geographically close friends.

  2. I find this post offensive! My feelings are totally hurt cause this post is not about me me me ME! 😉

  3. dear goodness. i heart you!

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