Fat Boy Slim – Weapon of Choice

(Thanks to Bella via FB for finding this)

8 responses to “SMOOTH WALKEN

  1. One of my favorites – Most folks don’t know that Christopher Walken is a song and dance man at heart.

  2. That was fully awesome.

    Not the first time Fat Boy Slim’s video used Walken.

  3. Brendan Haggerty

    Fat Boy Slim… Chris Walken… can you possibly have that much awesome in a single video! Also loved your insight on language butchering… as a writer I go through a lot of those thoughts myself.

  4. I haven’t seen that in ages! I still love it.

  5. Everybody: I seem to be the only one loving this for the first time. How come y’all were holding out on me? Huh?

    Brendan: Happy to see you here : ) Do come back. I don’t get more than a couple posts up a week these days, but still…

  6. Needs more cowbell…

  7. he’s funky fresh! love seeing him dance like this 🙂 and i’ve not seen it before either. is that the seinfeld theme?

  8. Piglet: Don’t know, never watched a whole episode.

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