Totally identifying with this on a rainy and chilly Sunday morning, waking up at 6:45 am after having laid down “for a nap” yesterday afternoon at 3:30.  WTF.  Not only do I feel like I’ve misplaced my mind, my life seems to be MIA as well.

Fight Club – Where is my Mind

7 responses to “TELL ME WHERE

  1. Sooooo, what are you trying to tell us? That you’re now beating yourself up as part of an underground boxing organization? Or are you not allowed to talk about it?

  2. M+: Uhhhh, yeah… that’s it. You’re so perceptive!
    My poor neglected blog… Today is the first Saturday I’ve had off in ages and have been getting caught up on my poor neglected house. : S
    I need to post soon. Hope you are well. Thanks for not giving up on me.

  3. I love you too much to give up on you. Besides, I know you wouldn’t give up on me if things were reversed.

  4. M+: Glad we’re on the same page…

  5. Brendan Haggerty

    Gosh… I love that movie and I love the Pixies. Great taste all the way around. Stay focused. Keep doing it. I will work to do the same.

  6. i have to tell you. I JUST WATCHED THIS THE OTHER NIGHT.

    that song is awesome and ed norton is hawt. i feel like this almost too often now a’ days.

  7. Piglet: Hmmm, never thought of Ed Norton as hot.
    Still trying.

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