Every once in awhile something happens that is so absolutely, totally awesome that I can hardly believe it.  Those defining moments in your life that make you feel like nothing will ever be the same again.  When a wish comes true that you didn’t even realize you were wishing.   Something like this sneaks up behind you and kicks you in the ass in the most delightful way imaginable.

Forgive the gushing but I just can’t contain myself.  This is one of the most freaking awesome things I have ever seen.  Somebody pinch me because I think I’m dreaming.  One of my most favoritest bands in the universe performing one of my most favoritest songs of all time!!!  YES!!!!

I have to go do some cartwheels or something.  I can’t stand it.

The Airborne Toxic Event ‘Magic Moment’ Pomona, Ca 9-17-09

11 responses to “CAN’T STAND IT

  1. I love it when that stuff happens. Music does things nothing else can. I am now going over to YouTube to listen to Jay and the Americans sing the original!

  2. Scott: Me and you sure do like a lot of the same things. Have we ever discussed Birth signs? What are you?.

  3. Ms Winky, I lost you in the blog maze also…it is getting overwhelming, I fear I must weed out some. But not YOU, or the amazing Scott W.

    I’m a Leo with Tauras rising (stubborn and flamboyant), and Scott W is a Cancer with Cancer rising (or Cancer moon?). Anyway, he is Mr. Sensitive;)

    What are you??

  4. Lou: Hi:-) Miss you. I hate that my life is so full of work these days. I’m missing out on things I enjoy too often.
    I’m about as true a Pisces as there can be. What a curse 😉

  5. I came upon them last night channel surfing on the Direct TV. I don’t remember what channel but they were performeing live somewhere. I’ll have to pay more attention to see if it’s one of those repeat things again but I won’t be able to record it. Don’t have a DVD recorder in the camper.

  6. BB: OMG you’re too sweet. Don’t worry about recording it, just enjoy it! I LOVE the one you did record for me. Hope you’re doing well. Miss you!

  7. holy heck! that’s very awesome. saw that you found, hurry up and put together some awesome mixes for us 🙂

  8. Leah: Sorry but I decided to be selfish and keep my blip all to myself. Where I can go and escape. I think everybody needs someplace to go all alone sometimes, you know?
    Glad you enjoyed Mikel’s Magic Moment.

  9. Wow, I’ve never heard this band! Thanks for turning me on to new tunes!

  10. Sun and Moon in Cancer, rising Aquarius. 5 planets in Cancer, actually.

  11. Scott H: You’re quite welcome. I’ll get to your mail on the weekend 🙂

    Scott W: You give me too much credit for my capacity to grasp all that, but thanks. I think it means you’re Mr. Sensitive? (Owe Lou for that!) One day it will be all clear to me.

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