Every bloody year, I go an’ miss out on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not this year, Matey.  I’m more ‘n ready fer it and I’m gonna tell ya a wee storry about somethin’ in Pirate Talk, I just ain’t d’cided what it be jus’ yet.

Th’ thing is, ya hafta git the properr accent thing goin’ so’s ya can read it out loud to yer wifey er yer dawg or jus’ ta yerself (cuz it’s funnyer if ya do.)   I’z wishin’ I hadda voice r’corder thing here so’s ya could leave me a recordin’ of yerself sayin’ Pirate Shit on herre.  But since Pirates ain’t perticularly known fer their bloody technical skills, I d’cided to duct tape my parrot, Petey, on here… ‘at way ya can talk ta him for a spell an’ once he gits it learned what ya said to ‘im, he can repeat if back fer us all to have a good laff an’ mebbe a pint er two.  That’s is, if ya be willin’ ta make a bloody fool ‘o yerself in fronta all sort of strangers an’ the like.

This is all puttin’ me in the mood fer watchin’ some o’ that handsome bloke, Jack Sparrah.  Me loves to watch the way that boy swaggers.  Aye 🙂

Tho’ it ain’t fair that you be sittin’ here readin’ this (if ya arrre) while I’m at work slavin’ me fine white ass off so I don’t be findin’ meself walkin’ the plank, why don’t ya leave me a wee note and let me know how ya arrrre taday.  This evenin’ when I’m sittin’ around the fire swillin’ the brine with me Arrrt School mates from days of Yore, I’ll make a fine toast ta all o’ you bloody swine!   Aaaarrrgh.

Blimey, th’ damn parrot took off, tape ‘n all.  If ya see ‘im, kindly r’turn ‘im ta me.

Some history here.

5 responses to “NOT THIS YEAR!

  1. Aye, you madam have lost your mind Aye, me parrot concurs. ARRRRRR

  2. Jeff: What the hell ya be doin’ up at this ungodly hour, ya heathen! Hope ya arrre havin’ yerself a good day, Mate!

  3. Aye, m’ bonney, pirate lass! Thar be th’ reason for th’ Ren Fest’s Pirates weekend. I’d be goin’ if I weren’t packin’ m’ things fer m’ trip t’ Boston. Arrrr…

  4. M+: Aye, Boston. May yer travels be swift and safe and I hope ye don’t find yerself floatin’ in no harbor. Have yerself a right merry time ~ and don’t be defilin’ none ‘o them uppity wenches 😉 Aaarrgggh.

  5. i forgot about it even though i read a comment by you mentioning it 🙂 i’m really quite ditzy these days. more than normal even.

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