I’ve had all kinds of stuff to talk about but due to a heavy work schedule, I haven’t been able to find the time to post anything.  Cramming 10 hours of OT into 4 days and then work tomorrow has put a rather large dent in my life.

So what do you have planned for the weekend?  Or are you going to try and catch up on sleep, like I am?  I hope your plan is more exciting than mine.

7 responses to “HAPPY FRIDAY

  1. do you ever come visit me anymore? 🙂 I have been doing a song of the day every day. Hope you are well!!

  2. Funny that you posted this in “boring crap,” as that’s exactly what I crave right now. I went through the “prep” on Wednesday night/whee hours of Thursday morning, and got scoped top and bottom on Thursday. I sit here at work (sshhh!) now with a sore esophagus and a confused colon. The weekend can only go up.

  3. Easy weekend – a MAC class Saturday the morning, a bit of shopping and the rest of the weekend is clear. I hope you have some quiet time this weekend.


  4. I have a wedding to shoot Saturday and yard work on Sunday, oh yeah, my weekend rocks!

  5. LG: It got to the point where I only had weekend morning to blog surf. Then mandatory Saturdays took up one of my weekend mornings and now Sunday seems to be when I catch up on sleep. All I can tell you is I’ll try. I miss you!

    Mark: Glad that’s behind you now. PD had the upper thing done recently and is having the lower thing on Monday. He said his throat felt fine after 2 days. They stretched his “ring” thing (he’d been having swallowing issues) and it helped but only minimally. Gee Bud, hope you get good results. Or have you already?

    Cas: Sounds wonderful. Enjoy yourself 🙂

    Jeff: I knew about the wedding, I hope its fun and productive. I’m jealous of the yard work too. I did some weeding last weekend and am still sore. Speaking of rocks, we have a huge pile of river rock left over from a project that needs moved.

  6. JT and I had a concert last night. Laundry this afternoon. Bob works tonight. Church tomorrow if I’m feeling better.

  7. i know it’s over and all, but i planned on not doing a dang thing and succeeded!

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