I understand there is a new version of  WordPress out for downloading.  From what I’ve read about it (in the last half hour) I would very much- in fact, dearly like to do that… even after having read all the shit things I have to do in order to download said version of WordPress (2.8.4).  Only thing is, I’m scared to death.  Anyone willing to talk me through it on the phone or, better yet, do it for me for a pre-determined reasonable fee?  It can’t be that difficult can it?  I dunno, reading this page scared the bejeezus outta me.  I didn’t even know I had any bejeezus in me, but now my pretty computer desk chair is all covered with the stuff.

I’m easily overwhelmed with computer things like html and rss feeds and data codes and root  canals directories and just stuff in general.  Most of what I do know has been self-taught and came at no small cost to my self-esteem and hair pigmentation.  Not to mention tears and tantrums.  Well, maybe not tears, but most definitely mucho tantrumos.

So, consider this an implorance for help in this matter.  The response(s) I receive will determine who is and who isn’t invited back to read.

I’M KIDDING!!!  But only about that last paragraph.

8 responses to “S.O.S

  1. I thought that folks with a free blog hosted by WordPress.com didn’t have to download the new version. Don’t you just kind of get it whenever WordPress udpates its servers? Maybe I’m wrong.

    Whatever the case, I’ve updated my WordPress software many, many times over the years, and it has become much easier than even just a year or so ago.

    When you know for sure whether you need to do anything, and then need help, just ask.

  2. Mark: No, I don’t NEED to, I just WANT to.
    And I just did 🙂

  3. I got nuthin…

  4. M+: Au contraire, mon ami. Maybe not in this particular instance but I think you are blessed and then some 😉

  5. Blogger upgraded their service but you had to change over if you were an established blogger. I resisted for a really long time. Well, you didn’t HAVE to, but the upgraded service allowed things the old one did not. Then one day I just gave in, turned it over and let it go. It wasn’t nearly as painful as my anticipation was. You can do it, I have faith in the power of Wink!

  6. Scott: Thanks for your vote of confidence. Good thing I have your # 😉
    No chance of me attempting this in the next couple days, I’ve worked 22 out of the last 48 hours and sadly, blogging is not on my list of priorities at the moment. Good night!

  7. What a wonderful observation! Thank you for that positive affirmation of my life!

  8. mark is right, it’s for the dot org people running their own domains. i would never use the wordpress.org on my own domain. why? well i’ll tell you why. i asked them a question about a year ago and they still haven’t answered it. and what else you ask? i’ll tell you what else. looking through their forums and helps it would appear that MOST people that ask for help don’t get responses. that bothered me.

    that was a rant wasn’t it?

    all done now 🙂

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