So I come on here this morning and I had some mail to read.  There were a couple of weird things in my mail which turned out to be invitations to be friends with people from that nablopolamalooza thing that I attempted and failed at last month.  Firstly I thought, geez, people you’re a little late, that was last months news.  Anyway, I clicked on the invites and they were some of those weird people who claim to make tons of money on the internet doing weird things and I followed my usual impulse to click the delete button.  There was a bunch of negative people also leaving weird religious messages about tragic crap and of course they were followed by comments such as “get a life” and crap like that by people who piss me off by using the internet to spew their weird psychotic tendencies because they have nothing better to do with their life.  I realized that I’d wasted 5 minutes of my precious morning and just went on the nablopolamalooza site and spent 5 more precious minutes trying to find out how the hell to be an unmember of the whole stupid thing.  But I got out of there and deleted my badge which never showed up correctly on my sidebar anyway.  So don’t look for me to be signing up for any of that weird crap in the future.

So there.

Anyway… it’s a beautiful morning and I’m waiting for PD to wake up so that we can get on with our day.  We’ll most likely attend a huge annual Labor Day celebration at a park near our home which we usually attend.  There are rides for the kiddies, pretty good food which is bad for you, a giant flea market, music, sometimes a celebrity or two, a petting zoo, some artists displaying their work and some nifty port-a-potties with running water so you can actually wash your hands.  It’s all sponsored by assorted Labor Unions.  More often than not, we get sunburns and end up buying a bunch of stuff we don’t really need and seeing a few people that we haven’t talked to in ages and get some exercise walking the whole length of the park to search for wherever we left our car.  But it’s fun and it’s a tradition.  Oh yeah, they have all-day Bingo too, for those people who think that’s what celebrating Labor Day is all about.  Which I’ll never understand, but who am I to judge?  The sunburn thing makes more sense to me.  What’s a good holiday without a sunburn?

You enjoy your weekend and be safe.

7 responses to “GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY :-)

  1. Running water in Port-a-Potties? What, you don’t feel clean after the sanitary gel? Of course, most don’t even feature that.

  2. Mark: The water is actually outside the potties, kind of like a trough-type thing. You have to rely on an air-dry though… Real sanitary no matter how you look at it… but better than nothing.

  3. Don’t tell anyone, but I love bingo. Used to play it all the time.

  4. Didn’t I warn you about the nabloblahblahblah thing?

  5. M+: You did. But I truly believe that if I hadn’t been on this ridiculous work schedule that I could have pulled it off. Without posting any tripe.
    Hey, did you know Jeff loves bingo?

  6. But you had to know the work schedule was gonna be a nasty, wicked, evil, sinful mess?
    Yeah, I noticed that about Jeff. I’m contemplating devoting an entire post to his addiction…

  7. M+: I’m a dreamer remember? I knew it would be trying but had no idea. Maybe someday I’ll learn.
    Re: Jeff’s addiction: lol

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