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Before I get on to the funny stuff, I need to tell y’all that on Sunday the neighbor used the word “echo”  in a conversation we were having (which I forget, but I was looking at a pile of river rocks when she said it.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t really paying attention.  My bad.)  And then last night Michael, the son, was sitting here and we were talking about movies and he said “echo.”  Maybe the lapse is over and the echoes have started to reverberate once again.  That was a triple redundant sentence, did you catch it catch it catch it?

So the other night after I went to bed,  there was an awesome Moon.  PD knows how much I love awesome Moons and he took some pictures so that I could see it.  He told me they didn’t come out well.  Just a little while ago I was clearing off some random papers from the dining room table when I came across a photograph depicting four shots of what I thought were pictures of the Moon that PD had taken.


Turned out to be pictures of my kidney stone.  (I made it small because they’re gross.)


In case you didn’t want to listen to me rant and rave yesterday, here’s something lighter and way more fun.  And this music has gotten me through the stress I’ve been feeling lately.

Noisettes ~ Never Forget You

Phoenix ~ 1901

Meese ~ Next in Line

Pela ~ Lost to the Lonesome*

Pela ~ The Trouble With River Cities*

Pela ~ Waiting on the Stairs*

All Time Low ~ Weightless (warning: annoying vid)

The Durutti Coulumn ~Otis (and all their stuff esp. 4 Sophia)

Matt Duke ~ Sex and Reruns

Black Eyed Peas ~ I Gotta a Feeling

Owl City ~ Fireflies

After Midnight Project ~ Take Me Home

Galt  Aureus ~ You Don’t Want to Find Out

Manchester Orchestra ~ I’ve Got Friends

Howling Bells ~ Cities Burning Down

Office ~ Nobody Knows You

White Rabbits ~ Percussion Gun

Deerhunter ~ Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Eels ~ Fresh Blood

Choir of Young Believers ~ Action/Reaction*

The Jesus and Mary Chain ~ April Skies*

Basement Apartment ~ Rocket (sorry, no vid avaliable)

Au Revoir Simone ~ Shadows

Entire Soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer

* Crappy vids but great songs.

There were more songs I wanted you to hear but posting all these links has left me with a seriously cramped right trigger finger.

Protected: WORK RANT #5

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You’re probly surprised to see me address a current event on here.  Even though it’s not as current as when it actually happened.  But this post is not about the death of a man I admire greatly.  It’s about one of the reasons that I admire him even more now.  Because I did not know that besides being wonderfully talented, John Hughes was also an awesome human being.

Checkiss out and tell me what you wouldn’t give to have experienced this degree of coolness.  Go HERE.

Might I add… next time you feel compelled to do something or are emotionally moved to reach out and make a connection, remember that IF YOU DON”T act, you could easily miss out on something so wonderful that it could change you somehow.  A good friend recently pointed this out to me and I will be doing a post about it in the near (relative) future.


So how’s your summer going?  I apologize that I haven’t been to visit anyone’s blog this week, it’s been crazy here.  It’s been all I could do to hop on Facebook and Twitter for a few minutes to try and catch up.  So if there’s anything important I’m missing, let me know here and I’ll come and see you on the weekend.  I picked a pretty lousy time to commit to posting every day.  A friend more or less said that he’d rather put up quality than to throw out crap just for the sake of writing every day.  I have to agree with him…


*surfing the web at 1 am.  (On a weekend a while back, not recently…  I just forgot to tell you until now.)

My part is called “Working in a Clean room… A Technician’s View“.  It appears about 3 quarters of the way down the page.  It seems to be pretty much word-for-word, I didn’t check exactly…  Click here.

This was taken from something I wrote on my blog.  I guess I’m kind of flattered by it.  I was just really amazed when I found it.  It seems kind of funny too, it’s kind of smart assy on this real businessy-looking site.  The writer must have had a hard time finding good material…


You know how sometimes you find yourself randomly clicking and realize that you have about 24 windows open and you start closing them and you’ll see something that piques your interest and you’ll click on it and then all of a sudden you have 53 other windows open and you can’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place?  Well… firstly, of course I’m exaggerating about the numbers here and secondly, this was supposed to be an intro to get you to read this old post of mine from Old One Wink at a Time and I got sidetracked way back, like halfway through the first sentence.

Anyway, before I get an aneurysm, click here and read this.  I don’t even remember posting it but I think it’s funny as heck.  Mostly the ensuing comments, I mean. Feel free to share your own total (again or for the first time.) I’ll warn you now, it might take a few minutes.  More if you’re honest… 😉


Look at me, it’s only 5 days into NaBloPoMo and I’m counting the days already.   And I guess you can chide me for cheating too, because this isn’t really a post as much as it is a pre-cursor to a post.  That having been said…

I got a work rant brewing.  Don’t look so surprised.  If you read here, you know me well enough to have seen it coming.  The reason I’m telling you now is that I won’t have time to write it until the weekend and I want to give you time to email me in case you forgot the whole protected password drill.  It will be the same as last time followed by the number of the rant.

It’s going to be the kind of post that I just vent a lot and ask for sympathy.  You won’t really miss anything if you don’t read it.

On a lighter note… I’m also going to try and put together a post of music that I’ve been listening to lately.   I haven’t done one for awhile and I have some stuff that I’m dying to share.

And if you didn’t catch this in a return comment I made on my Fair post, I’m not going to be able to make it to the Fair this year.  But we have a family reunion coming up mid-month and I’m not going to miss that, no matter what.

Okay.  You go and have a good day.  And give yourself a hug for me.


What would you say exactly to a person in your neighborhood who insists on burning garbage about twice a week in the evenings when it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air?

Plastic is meant to be recycled.  I do not enjoy smelling it being burned.   I don’t know how someone can not care about smelling up an entire neighborhood.  I’m guessing that it stinks pretty bad in their own yard.  Can’t they understand that air moves around?  Wood smells good burning.  Paper doesn’t bother me.  But that sickening smell of plastic and whatever else is just plain inconsiderate.

It was 8:30 last night and  I was looking forward to going to bed and sleeping by my open window and smelling the sweet night air and awakening to the sound of birds this morning.  I didn’t want my whole house to reek so I had to go around to every single window in my house;  in the basement, on the first floor and then upstairs and close each one.  Sure, a couple of hours later the smell would be gone, but I’m not about to get out of bed at night and go around and open all the windows just because someone in my hood is a jerk.  So instead I slept in a stuffy room and wished I lived out in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  How do YOU deal with people like this?  I’m thinking if they’re that inconsiderate in the first place, there probly is no reasoning with them.


Aha! You are not used to coming here on Monday morning and finding a fresh post from me, are you?  Well, guess what?  Don’t get used to it.  It could possibly happen 4 or 5 times at the most.  I just noticed that there are 5 Mondays in August.  They didn’t bother to tell me that when I signed up for this NaBloPoMo thing.  That Blos.

Going to see the doctor today concerning the foot.  Hopefully it will be for the last time.  I like his receptionist a lot.  That’s the upside.  Downside?  I’ll probly get released and it will be back to working OT for me.  That Blos more.