I came here with the intention of writing an angsty and over-due work rant but I figured, Crap. Why even get into it?  Nobody wants to hear me being cranky and going on about stupid shit that I can’t do anything about.  And yeah, it feels good to get it out but it doesn’t accomplish anything.  I’ll be positive instead.  I have no idea what I’ll write about but that never stopped me before.

Just one thing, today was my last day of working reduced hours (9-hour days) under a doctor’s supervision.  And the last day that I can (with a clear conscience) park in the reserved spaces in the parking lot at work.  So I’ll be partying like mad until 8pm when I should probly go to bed so that I can get up at… Oh wait, no ranting!

I am totally baffled at the fact that tomorrow puts us into September.  I’m trying to be positive and I love September but I miss June and July and August something fierce. But I love to smell the crisp fresh Fall air  and seeing the Autumn skies which take my breath away this time of year.

I always get thoughtful and introspective this time of year, too.  I’ll think back over times past and look forward to slowing down a bit- that is until the holiday rush starts and then there are other things to look forward to.  But Fall is special.  Sometimes it feels good to put warm, fuzzy socks on and a sweatshirt and jeans.  To quit worrying about your tan fading.  I will find myself more than once curled up on my porch swing with a blanket and a cup of hot coffee.  It’s nice to actually sit in the house at night with the lights on, too,  something that we rarely do all Summer.

I’m consciously blocking out a lot of things like having to crawl out of a nice warm bed, to have to warm the car up in the morning, to pay high gas bills, to step out of the shower and dry off your goosebumps and even worse… to scrape ice off your windshield, to have to wear hats that flatten your hair…  Oh wait, I didn’t just write all that.

Fall food is good too.  Pumpkin.  Chili.  Homemade vegetable soup.  All that good hot stuff that you didn’t cook all Summer to keep from overheating the kitchen.

Ok.  This is all the positive you’re going to get from me today.   I’m all happied out.  It’s Monday, what did you expect?

Have a good one.

9 responses to “SEASONAL STUFF

  1. I have been wanting some chili. I can’t wait for fall to finally get here.

  2. I love being happied.

  3. What did happen to the summer this year? And we’re having chili and rice tonight.

    Have a great evening. And a good week.

  4. Now that was a rather pleasant post! You should do this more often.

    I’m looking forward to making my semi-famous wedding soup in about a month and a half.
    Autumn has always been a special time of year for me too. I love the weather, not too hot, not too cool. And the colors that come out in the trees are simply amazing. Not to mention, we’ll be seeing some of those truly fantastic sunrises again.

  5. Jeff: I’m surprised that you’re not afraid of chili, mostly because I bet you like it HOT.

    Scott: 🙂

    Cas: Really! I blunk and it was gone. You have a good week too!

    M+: I will work on pleasant. It’s kinda hard, I’ve been up since 4:30 and worked 11 hours today and it’s going to be a long week. See how hard I’m working on pleasant? Sah-ree. 😦
    But yes, Autumn is awesome!
    I love wedding soup but I can never remember the name of those little pasta ball things.

  6. the hotter the better!

  7. I love the fall too! I don’t mind the heat, but I also don’t mind the cold either. The cold air is like a wake up call. Clean, and much needed. Good words.

  8. Let me know what you think of the new video posted on my blog. Have a good one!

  9. Okie Dokie 🙂 Thanks. You too.

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