… who’s pretty darn cool.  He’s got some wonderful insight into life and things.  He’s a talented photographer and has a wicked sense of humor.  He’s a Southern boy with great hair.  He’s got a beautiful family and a spiritual side that makes me jealous.

Only thing is, he’s got to be the center of attention at all times.  Sometimes his whining gets to me and just to pacify him, I decided to devote a post to him.

I know he knows I’m just jerking his chain cause we’re “tight like that…”

Make him feel as special as he is and go over and say hey to Joey.

6 responses to “I HAVE THIS FRIEND…

  1. Thats a good idea, I mean, I hardly ever hear from him! 😉

    Just kiddin Joey, you have motivated me more than you will ever know, especially in the photography field.

    Why am I posting messages to Joey on Linda’s blog? The world may never know. 🙂

  2. on my way to meet Joey.


  3. Jeff: Do you notice who’s not here today, whining or otherwise? ;-P
    I like to think that my blog may be used for posting messages… You know how I am about “connecting”… It makes the world go ’round 🙂

    Cas: Watch out, his head can get pretty big!

  4. Ok….hum, where to start. I love the sense of humor,Linda…twisted.But I already knew that. Whinning was way off, sorry that you missed it. You probably do not need like most people. You and Dawn would get along great, along with some old pastors of mine. I find myself as a balanced communicator with the heart for “””””connecting””””. Dawn laughed at your post while I sat with a confused look on my face. I mean, build up the big head, which I do not have, and then stab me in the eye with the words “whinning” and “pacifying.” I am trying to come back with words to match, but I have a feeling that it won’t move you. I say this after the nice e-mails, I guess I saved the best for last to read. Love ya!OH, and the only bigheaded thing that I will say with a smile is….yeah, I got great hair 🙂

  5. Joey: It seems that you took what I said way too seriously. I meant all the good things and the “whining” was pure, good-natured teasing. No one here sees you that way! I apologize sincerely if I made you feel bad. Maybe my communication skills need sharpening.
    If nothing else, I at least hope that some of my readers will appreciate your messages of Faith on your blog.
    As for the attention, I think we all, as bloggers crave it or we wouldn’t be here.

  6. Hey, we are just playing. All is well! Shoot, if we were around each other every day, I know that we would be picking at each other constantly. I laugh at it all…hee hee. Hey, jokingly said, you bitch and I whin…lol! Hope you have a great day today….hugs and spit balls

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