As you know, I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of my little furry friend in the backyard.  PD would argue that the little guy is HIS friend, being that he’s been teaching him tricks, giving him treats and potty-training him while I’m at work.  Isn’t he cute?




I must say and I’m even going to brag that I’m getting way better at posting photos.  Huh, Mark?  I mean, Baron. 😉

PD says the bunny is getting too tame.  He sat for about 15 photos and didn’t seem bothered by me at all.  I hope no kitty cats in the neighborhood get any ideas.

I was very happy to find myself taking pictures of a bunny instead of cowering in the basement, it seemed for awhile that we were in for a heckuva storm.  I saw a streak of lightning on my way home from work that would rival anything Spielberg coulda’ cranked out.  And besides, I’m home alone.  Because…

PD and Michael, the son, went to meet JuJu to kidnap the grandson, Julian!!! Yippee!  I’m going to ask him (Julian) if he’d like to guest post while he’s staying with us.  No, I’m not trying to cheat NaBloPoMo, I just think it would be fun.  I can’t wait to spoil see him 🙂

Ok, I’m going to go take a nap until the boyz get here.  PD wouldn’t let me go with them because I need my beauty rest. to get some sleep so I can get up for work in the morning.  If you read my rant, it will all make sense.

6 responses to “THURSDAY BUNNY

  1. fattiefatterton

    Awww, I’m SO excited for you that you get to have Julian visit!!

  2. Aww, look at the cute little bunny, he looks delicious so soft!

  3. Potty training the bunny? Craziness! Have fun spoiling the boy.

  4. Stew, furry slippers, a save on carrots, hum…….

  5. i’m quite proud of your putting photos on here. except, for some reason i can’t see them. recently, i was picking the girl up from a friends and she walked past a bunny and the bunny didn’t move.

    i asked her if maybe that bunny thought he was invisible, she thought that was pretty funny but it makes sense doesn’t it?

    take care of yourself missy!

  6. now i can see that bunny! but i don’t see the comment that i left previously. i’m having problems with your blob loading, is it under construction?

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