Recently I read a silly thing about how you can find out what your porn name is.  To find your first name, you use the name of your first pet.  To find your last name, you use the name of the street you live on.  At the risk of being hunted down and killed by a stalker, I will tell you that my porn name is Buffy Hancock. Which I thought was pretty funny until I had this conversation with my three lunch buddies at work on Friday.  They are Debbie and Dave and Josh.  They don’t read here but I don’t think they’ll mind me telling you their porn names.  They will henceforth be known as Sheba Longfellow, Benjie Armstrong and ~

(this was hilarious…)

Josh is very quiet.  He seldom initiates conversation but participates when he has something to contribute.  The other three of us each shared our names and laughed until we were all near tears.  In the mean time, Josh was sitting there frowning and looking as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Well, Josh,”  I said, “Time to fess up.  What’s your porn name?”  Very seriously, with not even a trace of a smile on his face, he announced, “Midnight Pump Station.”  We lost it.  As soon as he realized the hilarity of what he’d said, he busted up too.  We laughed for a solid five minutes.  And every time we thought of it for the rest of the day.

10 responses to “WEDNESDAY FUNNY

  1. All of those are great porn names. I would have been laughing all day, too, because I never can get those kinds of things out of my head. In fact, thanks a lot, Wink.

    Baron George Washington
    (lame, I know)

  2. That is classic!

  3. Sissy Contest. Not sure how I feel about that.

  4. Oh! I forgot. A friend did his: Bitch Kitty Jones!

  5. Spike Ravine, guess it could have been worse!

  6. Mark: Kinda maybe sounds like you should have hung out (bad pun) with the Marquis DeSade. (Is that how you spell it?)

    Hazel: I think Hootch Willock has a nice ring to it.

    Scott: Hehe. Don’t blame you one little bit. Your friend’s is pretty good!

    Jeff: I hope everyone reads this because I still can’t stop laughing. PD lost it too.

  7. Maggie Powell is mine.

  8. I dropped by to read your blog, and I am still laughing at this one. signed Bubbles Northwest Third….

  9. that’s great, i love moments like that with people and the pure joy you get from laughing at something silly. i live for those 🙂

    i did one and the last name was mother’s maiden name, which made me “sneaky beavers”.

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