In case you didn’t want to listen to me rant and rave yesterday, here’s something lighter and way more fun.  And this music has gotten me through the stress I’ve been feeling lately.

Noisettes ~ Never Forget You

Phoenix ~ 1901

Meese ~ Next in Line

Pela ~ Lost to the Lonesome*

Pela ~ The Trouble With River Cities*

Pela ~ Waiting on the Stairs*

All Time Low ~ Weightless (warning: annoying vid)

The Durutti Coulumn ~Otis (and all their stuff esp. 4 Sophia)

Matt Duke ~ Sex and Reruns

Black Eyed Peas ~ I Gotta a Feeling

Owl City ~ Fireflies

After Midnight Project ~ Take Me Home

Galt  Aureus ~ You Don’t Want to Find Out

Manchester Orchestra ~ I’ve Got Friends

Howling Bells ~ Cities Burning Down

Office ~ Nobody Knows You

White Rabbits ~ Percussion Gun

Deerhunter ~ Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Eels ~ Fresh Blood

Choir of Young Believers ~ Action/Reaction*

The Jesus and Mary Chain ~ April Skies*

Basement Apartment ~ Rocket (sorry, no vid avaliable)

Au Revoir Simone ~ Shadows

Entire Soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer

* Crappy vids but great songs.

There were more songs I wanted you to hear but posting all these links has left me with a seriously cramped right trigger finger.

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