You’re probly surprised to see me address a current event on here.  Even though it’s not as current as when it actually happened.  But this post is not about the death of a man I admire greatly.  It’s about one of the reasons that I admire him even more now.  Because I did not know that besides being wonderfully talented, John Hughes was also an awesome human being.

Checkiss out and tell me what you wouldn’t give to have experienced this degree of coolness.  Go HERE.

Might I add… next time you feel compelled to do something or are emotionally moved to reach out and make a connection, remember that IF YOU DON”T act, you could easily miss out on something so wonderful that it could change you somehow.  A good friend recently pointed this out to me and I will be doing a post about it in the near (relative) future.

14 responses to “R.I.P. JOHN HUGHES

  1. Thanks so much for this. I still read you daily so remember that 😉

  2. this goes to show that there are decent human beings out there who care for people, even people they have never met. This girls post just humanized John Hughes for me. Her post made me cry.

  3. Mike: Wasn’t it great? Glad to hear from you, miss ya. Hope you’re doing good. XO

    Bailey: I agree. Strengthens my faith in humanity. Lord, I cried too. There’s also an audio of her post that’s really good too. It might still be on my Twitter profile page.

  4. Her post just filled me with such goodness and gratitude. I am amazed daily that I can have experiences like this, to be overwhelmed with joy at such simple things. It really makes my life richer than I would have ever expected.

    You and I have never met, but somehow we share something special. Sometimes I can be knocked over with a feather.

  5. Scott: You just gave me my magic moment for the day, Buddy. Thank you, I was having to look extra hard today 🙂 Another hug.

  6. this is amazing, confirms my belief that, most people are good people. i love that she pressed further after his first response, i’m not sure i would’ve had the ability to do that at her age.

    this reminds me of the communication i have with eric anderson, the poet/writer that i found in the sun. he’s good people through and through.

  7. I’m delighted I stopped by today, and was able to read that about Mr Hughes. What a mensch!

    (PS -I’m waving hello to you)

  8. I love that post too! I also learned something new from it: be careful what you wish for. I’ve been blogging for years, hoping for that one post to get picked up and the agents to roll in. (It replaces my dream of Spielberg tapping me on the shoulder while in line at a McDonald’s waiting for an egg McMuffin.)

    Alison has been inundated with comments and press, and has needed to develop a new thick skin because attention always welcomes thrivers of negativity. She’s also dealing with the torture of second-guessing yourself. I do it after every post, especially when it rubs someone the wrong way and they share that with me.

    So my new dream is that a post hits it big, I get the agents, and the negative Nellys have bandwidth problems when they click Submit Comment.

    On the other hand, I have a new reader from Australia who found me accidentally while reading comment on Alison’s John Hughes post – there are over 1,100 now. And it reinforces your statement above: make those connections! You and I connected randomly too and it’s been grand!

    Keep ’em coming, Wink! ~Mike

  9. Leah: Yeah, it’s good when that happens, huh. I’m sure it happens to you alot cuz you’re that kind of special.

    Lou: Hi! Miss you, Kiddo. Thanks for comin’ over.

    Mike: I know, I’ve been following her story too.
    I have to say, your writing is awesome and your sense of humor is way up there with some of my favorites. And you have a cool perspective on things. It’s only a matter of time before you’re in the absolute right place at exactly the right time.
    I read Vy’s comments and yeah, she’s pretty cool.
    Synchronicity and Connecting… they’re my religion. And I believe that the Creator of the Universe in all His goodness is having a grand time overseeing the whole business 😉 He allows the Nellys, I think, just to toughen us up a bit. Whaddya think?

  10. That was an absolutely amazing post. If nothing else, it confirms for me that John Hughes did indeed have teenagers that he was mining for good material…
    Seriously, I’ve always suspected that Mr. Hughes was a decent guy because all of his movies carry such a heartwarming sentiment. He touched the hearts of millions of young people over the years. And what is truly amazing about this is that I just watched The Breakfast Club with my son and his friends. And that movie is still impacting teens. I laughed at the way they compared themsleves and their other friends to the characters. But they get it.
    God Bless John Hughes. And God Bless you Wink, for posting this!

  11. M+: I live to make people smile. It’s so gratifying.
    I agree with everything you said here. I actually found it through a new reader here, also a Michael but he goes by Mike. His blog is on my roll, called “Do I Amuse You?” Pretty funny guy, I must say.

  12. That was amazing. Glad you shared. Go look at what that post brought to that young lady.

  13. Wink, I agree with everything YOU say! Thank you always for your kind words, and your obviously brilliant taste, I must say. 😉

  14. Mark: I know, I’ve been reading her. Makes me mad, albeit not surprised that there were people being negative. It made me hurt for her.

    Mike: I have nothing but good taste 😉

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