*surfing the web at 1 am.  (On a weekend a while back, not recently…  I just forgot to tell you until now.)

My part is called “Working in a Clean room… A Technician’s View“.  It appears about 3 quarters of the way down the page.  It seems to be pretty much word-for-word, I didn’t check exactly…  Click here.

This was taken from something I wrote on my blog.  I guess I’m kind of flattered by it.  I was just really amazed when I found it.  It seems kind of funny too, it’s kind of smart assy on this real businessy-looking site.  The writer must have had a hard time finding good material…

4 responses to “WHAT YOU FIND*

  1. How cool and weird at the same time!

  2. It is strange to run across your own content on somebody else’s site, when you never were asked for permission. Happened to me once, and after initially reacting negatively, I let the owner leave it there (it was particularly sensitive because he had grabbed a picture of my son to put with his own text, and had given no credit at all — until after our little “talk.”)

    Hey, at least the person on that site gave you credit. That isn’t nearly the same as simply asking first.

  3. That was kinda neat. But it weirds me out to think that YOU are the apparent authortative voice on what it’s like to work in a Clean Room…

  4. Hazel: Yeah, both.

    Mark: I would freak to see a photo of mine used. It happens on FB a lot… Glad you had a happy ending.

    M+: Oh, but I am, Sir. 🙂

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