You know how sometimes you find yourself randomly clicking and realize that you have about 24 windows open and you start closing them and you’ll see something that piques your interest and you’ll click on it and then all of a sudden you have 53 other windows open and you can’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place?  Well… firstly, of course I’m exaggerating about the numbers here and secondly, this was supposed to be an intro to get you to read this old post of mine from Old One Wink at a Time and I got sidetracked way back, like halfway through the first sentence.

Anyway, before I get an aneurysm, click here and read this.  I don’t even remember posting it but I think it’s funny as heck.  Mostly the ensuing comments, I mean. Feel free to share your own total (again or for the first time.) I’ll warn you now, it might take a few minutes.  More if you’re honest… 😉

6 responses to “A FAVORITE OF MINE…

  1. you’ll be pleased to know that my fine was $0, which is good because that’s about all i can afford right now

    *knocks speaker off desk as nose grows*

  2. Michael: Holy crap, this wasn’t supposed to post. I thought about posting it and then changed my mind so then I quickly just changed the scheduled year to 2010. Must have forgotten to click “update”… I figured you’d have more than enough (hopefully) to cover the fine by then. 😉 But then that would give you another whole year to rack up more sins…

  3. $485.50 enough said.

  4. $610.50. I have peed everywhere.

    As my grandmother said, “There’s more room out than there is in.” She was referring to farts, but I think it applies here, too.

  5. Bailey: I won’t even ask and this does not affect the affection with which I regard you. 😉

    Scott: Hahahahaha! I would have liked your grandmother. Mine, she never would have uttered “that word” although, after she had a stroke, one day stubbed her toe and promptly yelled “G** D*** it!!!”

  6. i got the same total as scott, 610.50. i assure i haven’t peed in the pool in at least 30 years.

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