Look at me, it’s only 5 days into NaBloPoMo and I’m counting the days already.   And I guess you can chide me for cheating too, because this isn’t really a post as much as it is a pre-cursor to a post.  That having been said…

I got a work rant brewing.  Don’t look so surprised.  If you read here, you know me well enough to have seen it coming.  The reason I’m telling you now is that I won’t have time to write it until the weekend and I want to give you time to email me in case you forgot the whole protected password drill.  It will be the same as last time followed by the number of the rant.

It’s going to be the kind of post that I just vent a lot and ask for sympathy.  You won’t really miss anything if you don’t read it.

On a lighter note… I’m also going to try and put together a post of music that I’ve been listening to lately.   I haven’t done one for awhile and I have some stuff that I’m dying to share.

And if you didn’t catch this in a return comment I made on my Fair post, I’m not going to be able to make it to the Fair this year.  But we have a family reunion coming up mid-month and I’m not going to miss that, no matter what.

Okay.  You go and have a good day.  And give yourself a hug for me.

4 responses to “DAY 5

  1. Hugs back to you, pookie!!

  2. I just want to thank you for the odd stares I got from my family when they saw me hug myself. They used to think I was insane, now they are convinced!

  3. LG: Pookie, I love that 🙂

    Jeff: LOL. I wish you would send me a picture of it so I can see just how insane you really are… as if I don’t already know. Was it a good hug?

  4. Thanks for the hug. I actually hugged myself.

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