What would you say exactly to a person in your neighborhood who insists on burning garbage about twice a week in the evenings when it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air?

Plastic is meant to be recycled.  I do not enjoy smelling it being burned.   I don’t know how someone can not care about smelling up an entire neighborhood.  I’m guessing that it stinks pretty bad in their own yard.  Can’t they understand that air moves around?  Wood smells good burning.  Paper doesn’t bother me.  But that sickening smell of plastic and whatever else is just plain inconsiderate.

It was 8:30 last night and  I was looking forward to going to bed and sleeping by my open window and smelling the sweet night air and awakening to the sound of birds this morning.  I didn’t want my whole house to reek so I had to go around to every single window in my house;  in the basement, on the first floor and then upstairs and close each one.  Sure, a couple of hours later the smell would be gone, but I’m not about to get out of bed at night and go around and open all the windows just because someone in my hood is a jerk.  So instead I slept in a stuffy room and wished I lived out in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  How do YOU deal with people like this?  I’m thinking if they’re that inconsiderate in the first place, there probly is no reasoning with them.

6 responses to “PEE-YEEEEW

  1. If you are in a ‘hood, as you say, then surely there are regulations against burning garbage? At the very least, I’ll bet there are laws against burning materials known to release harmful toxins and/or pollutants into the air. You might have legal recourse.

    But that’s boring. I’m sure you can think of some creative way to hint that burning garbage that stinks up the area will not be tolerated.

    As far as living in the “middle of nowhere,” that’s where you’re more likely to find folks burning garbage of all sorts. And pouring used motor oil along fence lines to kill weeds.

    But I’m sure you meant “Grizzly Adams” style when you said, “middle of nowhere.”

  2. Just go down there with a fire extinguisher and put it out. If they get mad apologize and tell them you didn’t realize they would do THAT on purpose. Or you could just send them information on the chemicals that get released when you burn plastic. That said, you could just call the police and complain. I think the first one would be the most satisfying though! 😉

  3. dear god linda, i would think there was a law or something about that. people can’t just burn anything in their yards b/c of what it does to the air.

    is there any chance they are burning bodies or maybe have a meth lab?

    don’t go traipsing over there just in case they *are* serial killers b/c i don’t want you to die ok?

    i’m a big fan of not getting too close to my neighbors so i probably would never address them pesonally, i’d call the po po’s and let them handle it b/c it’s their job.

    seriously, there is something very wrong about that situation.

  4. The serious side of me says to contact the police since there are some laws regarding the burning of toxic materials.
    And the creative side of me can’t come up with any solutions that don’t involve either duct tape and a soldering iron, or nylon rope and a cigarette lighter…

  5. I would call the police because that is illegal within the Houston city limits. Either that or kill them.

  6. lol to scott, clearly killing them is the better choice b/c at least you won’t have to deal with them anymore. it’s good to weed out the bad seeds 🙂

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