… about the theme for this post, “Tomorrow” and I seemed to recall a George Carlin quote that I thought had to do with Tomorrow never coming because once you get there, it’s now Today.  But of course I was all confused and the quote I was thinking of doesn’t even mention the word Tomorrow.  The quote is, “There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past.”  I’m going to assume a little literary license and adapt it to suit my need here…

“There is no Tomorrow.  There’s only Today and Yesterday because once you hit Tomorrow, it becomes Today and… blah blah blah.”

And of course there is “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”  Dale Carnegie said that.

I’m not thinking about Tomorrow today.  Yesterday I didn’t think about today, let alone TomorrowTomorrow is Monday and that brings about thoughts of getting up at an ungodly hour and starting the work routine.  I’ll worry about that tomorrow but not today.   This whole time thing is too much for Sunday morning relaxation. Besides, my BOLD button is getting tired.

End of post.

3 responses to “I WAS THINKING…

  1. The very fact that you mentioned not thinking about tomorrow indicates that you have indeed already thought about tomorrow. Telling us about the ungodly hour in which you must wake tells us you’ve already gone past thinking about it and into the realm of worrying about it.
    Ya know, if you’re not gonna think about something, let alone worry about it, maybe you’d be better off not telling us about it?

  2. i couldn’t keep up but hey you’re pretty!

    i just noticed you are ‘splaining the NaBloPoMo thing on the previous post so i will read it to know what it is.

  3. Time, greater than us all….hum…..vast, full, lonely, promising, yet unknown…..just bouncing things from the top of my head.

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