According to my sources, August is NaBloPoMo.  I’m pretty sure that it means National Blog Posting Month.  But I could be wrong, as I am not finished with my first cup of coffee yet this morning.  Most of you bloggers, I’m sure, know what this means.  I just never got around to checking it out.  Always last to the table, that’s me.

The idea is to post every day of the month.   I’m not sure why because I just embarked on this adventure on a whim.  I hate when I do that because something usually comes back and bites me in the ass. There is probly a fine of, like, a million dollars if you don’t post and I’ll be screwed.

At any rate, I do understand that there is a Theme involved and that would be this: TOMORROW.  So I guess I need to start thinking about some posts regarding and in reference to TOMORROW. This actually sounds quite appealing to me, as TOMORROW is usually when I plan to do anything.

Tomorrow I will find out more about this NaBloPoMo thing and I’ll write something.  I could promise, but you know how I am about that sort of thing.

See you Tomorrow 🙂

(There was supposed to be some sort of badge showing up at the top of my sidebar proclaiming my intentions, complete with a less-than-complimentary photo of myself.  As you can see, it is not there.  Imagine that.  Maybe TOMORROW it will show up.)

6 responses to “GONNA TRY IT

  1. You are truly a brave woman. I can’t even manage one post a week at the moment. I am just drained of anything useful!

  2. Amigo: Well, you know me well enough to know that my intentions are always good, at least. But I’m going to give it my best shot. I’m going to schedule some time off work so that will help. Don’t be surprised if I post about 30 days of crap! lol

  3. Thanks for letting us know.
    As much as I do really care about my blog, I can’t possibly come up with 30 days of good content. And I refuse to just do a bunch of quotes. Perhaps that’s the thing, I care too much about what I put on my blog, so I won’t just dump a bunch of crappy posts on there to make myself feel like I particpated in something that really doesn’t have any bearing on life.

    Maybe I’ll just dig up some good stuff from my archives and re-post.

  4. You can do eet!

  5. Mark: I vill (roll your R here…) try!

  6. you are funny about your badge showing up tomorrow. posting every day is something i try to do on grace in small things, some days i just can’t get to it.

    good luck and i think it’s cool you are at least trying it.

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