… you’ve somehow gotten left behind and haven’t had the pleasure of watching this video, prepare to have your socks knocked off.

The Best Wedding Entrance Dance Ever – Chris Brown – Forever

5 responses to “IF BY SOME CHANCE…

  1. What a great way to start a wedding. Thanks!

  2. Hey girl…seen on one of your post where you went on a little rant….hum. Tell me what picture you like best on my new post. Hope all is well with ya!

  3. just got that today, LOVE IT!

  4. That was amazing! It actually brought a tear to my eyes, and I can’t imagine why it touches me like that. But it does.

  5. Mark: Surely, my pleasure.

    Joey: Holy crap, there you are! Welcome back to Blogworld, Dude!

    P’let: It’s great, huh.

    Michael: I cried and PD laughed at me. (I always cry at weddings.) I think it made me cry when I realized that the entire wedding party all pulled together to make their friends’ wedding special for them and it touched me so much.

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