Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

While you have your brain in 70’s mode, give this a listen.  I am AMAZED that these guys still sound EVERY bit as good as they did back then.  This was filmed at the 40th Montreux Festival in 2006.  You read that right, 2006. Machinehead, the album this is from, was the second album that I ever bought and I still have it in my collection.  Really, I can’t get over how good this is!!!  I created a new category for it!  (AMAZING)

5 responses to “BLEW ME AWAY…

  1. Wow. A classic band with the original singer. Pretty good stuff. I was a huge fan of this song, and I remember MANY hours mowing our huge rural lawn back home listening to Deep Purple’s “Perfect Strangers” cassette on my Walkman.

  2. I enjoyed your picks, especially Dancin In the Moonlight. I remember some good times with that one playing in the background..

  3. Ahh, great hook from an awesome band. They sure look different than I remember though! 😉

  4. Mark: I’ll have to check out “Perfect Strangers”… I don’t remember it.

    Lou: Glad you enjoyed them.

    Amigo: Don’t they? Don’t WE??? 😉 Nah… *cough cough*

  5. Easiest bass line I’ve ever learned. I think there’s a law that says if you play guitar or bass, Smoke on the Water is one of the first songs you have to learn.
    I think you’ll enjoy Perfect Strangers. I always liked it.

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