Lee Michaels – Do you Know What I Mean

I don’t remember ever actually seeing Lee Michaels, there weren’t videos for every popular song that came about back then but I TOTALLY had a major crush on this guy’s voice.  I wanted to marry it.

Sidenote: After watching some of these videos, I checked out what some of these people are doing now.  I decided not to do it anymore.  It’s too painful to see how some of the bands have aged.  I’d rather remember them the way they were back then…

One response to “REALLY GREAT SONG

  1. That guy can really sing. Not sure I recognize the voice, but he’s a good one.

    I am glad I haven’t seen music videos in so long. Now I can listen to music without a pre-packaged image or story coming to mind when I hear songs. I think MTV and the subsequent imitators ruined a lot of what music was about — the talent, not the looks.

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