Grass Roots – Let’s Live For Today

This is another one of those 45s that I wore out from playing so much.  The “chills” I would get at about the 2:oo spot were what I would later come to identify as “arousal.”  LOL

5 responses to “TODAY, THEN & ALWAYS

  1. It’s funny how many times record labels tried to find a band like the Beatles. They put out some good songs, but nothing could quite reach the level of the originals.

  2. I love this, too. Those boys were dreamy! They also did some more of my favorites:
    Midnight Confessions

    and I’d Wait a Million Years

  3. Mark: That’s one of the reasons I’m way more into Indie bands these days. Major labels overlook an awful lot of wonderful due to their hunger for the almighty bucks. And that fascination with the Beatles? I never got it.

    Scott: The Grass Roots were one of my favorite bands then. I had a hard time deciding which vid to post. I really liked Heaven Knows too.
    Congrats, you’re the first ever to post a vid in my comments 😉 And, is it just me or does this not quite sound like the original?
    Yep, dreamy is right.

  4. That video getting in there was a fluke. The other link didn’t do that. This version sounds tinny, I was wondering about that, too.

  5. Scott: I laughed b/c I have the worst luck uploading video, I understood, believe me.
    No, it’s not the tinny sound, it’s the voice. I don’t think it’s the original singer (Rob Grill? I forget) Listen to this one and see if you hear a difference:

    (It has the harpsichord intro which my 45 did not.)
    I had a bad experience when I was a member at eMusic, I would buy a song -after listening to the 30 sec. intro- and then when I’d listen it wouldn’t be the original artist. This sounds awfully close, I know but it’s not the recording I owned back then. Maybe I’m crazy, could be.

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