NIRVANA (not the band)

1910 Fruitgum Company – Indian Giver

Hazel got me searching through old songs on YouTube.  When I found this today I about flipped.  I’d forgotten about it.  I played this record over and over and over until I think every note and word was embedded in my music-hungry teen-aged brain.  Looking back, I’d say it had to have been one of my absolute favorite songs from that time.  I played it so much you could barely see the grooves in the record so I bought another one and did the same thing.

It’s amazing to me the feelings that rush to the surface when you hear a song from such a wonderful, carefree, tumultuous, giddy, hormonal time of your life.  Better than drugs!  Any drugs I’ve taken, anyway.  I’d compare it to that rush you get when you’re first falling in love.  Don’t get much better than that.

8 responses to “NIRVANA (not the band)

  1. That is sooooo cool.
    There are so many songs that I have distinct memories for. I could never list them all. But every so often, something from my youth will pop into my head, and there’s always a soundtrack to it. I imagine you live your life just like that, too.

  2. I have gotten trapped in the YouTube oldies loop. It’s totally addictive! I love this song! I can so remember listening to it on the radio. It’s so odd how music can stir up memories, sometimes it really feels physical.

    The other night we saw commercials for the new show, Hung, and the music playing was Bill Withers’ Us Me. I had to listen to it several times!

  3. M+: I’m glad you feel that way. It seems to be the best thing I can think of in the way of free entertainment, the merging of YouTube and my memory banks. Now if I could find a way to get paid to do it, now that would be pure Nirvana.

    Scott: I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish I could convince PD that it justifies all those hours spent. I can get completely engrossed and find that a couple of hours have passed. I know what you mean about the physical aspect too. Kind of like magic. Now I have to go listen to Use Me 😉 I think I might start posting one of these every so often. Really though, it’s just going to be a few of us in this age group that can really appreciate it. But that’s ok. (I put a few on my FB page earlier tonight.)

  4. You def need satellite radio.

  5. it sounds vaguely familiar, i like it.

    hazel, she may never blob again if she gets satellite radio 🙂

    scott, have you seen hung yet? pretty good so far. interesting to say the least.

  6. Don’t have HBO *static* AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

  7. Oh man, let’s not get on this. The list is too long of songs that send me back. Most of my childhood revolved around music. It kept me from going insane I believe.

  8. Never heard it before now, but that guy can really sing.

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