So I had been feeling “not good” for a couple of weeks.  Didn’t want to make a big deal out of it mostly because it might start to appear to others that I’m turning into a drama queen hypochondriac.  Just having gotten over the broken foot and two UTIs (TMI) over the past couple of months and never-ending dental work, I’d just about OD’d on anything ever remotely associated with hospitals, doctors, dentists, drugs, ANYTHING health-related.  I’m not going to go into my symptoms b/c so many of them are “female” things and who in the hell wants to hear about that crap?  Not even me.

So Friday aftenoon when I felt an excrutiating band of pain around my midsection, I started thinking that maybe I was going to die I should take how I was feeling a bit more seriously.  Up until that point I was able to attribute all my uncomfortableness to the sorts of things “women my age” experience with the big M. (Menopause)

About an hour later the pain was gone but I was still on alert, lest it return.

Saturday afternoon PD and I spent hours and hours searching umpteen stores for the perfect window coverings for the windows in our new closed-in front porch.  I wasn’t feeling great and couldn’t wait to get home and relax.

By 7pm I could hear the Emergency Room calling my name and explained to PD that a trip was in order.

By the time the triage nurse called  me to get my information I couldn’t even sit down.  I found myself pacing in little circles trying to find a comfort zone.  There was none.  I was fighting tears by that point and getting scared, wondering what was wrong with me.

A CT scan and a urinalysis resulted in the report that I was in the process of passing a 5mm kidney stone, which then resulted in an IV full of anti-nausea drugs, Toradol and Dilaudid.  I actually turned down the Dilaudid at first and PD talked me into having it before we left.

A little after 10pm I was released and PD went to retrieve the car.  It was then that I found myself sitting on the curb outside the ER enjoying the hell out of the fireworks across the way.  You ain’t never seen fireworks until you watch them in a Dilaudid-induced stupor.  I wish you could have seen PD insisting that I “Stay put!” as he walked toward the parking garage.  I wonder where he thought I was going to wander off to.  The sidewalk wouldn’t even stay in one place.

Thrilled to be pain-free, I thoroughly enjoyed about half of the ride home.  It was a beautiful night, the car windows open, good music, pretty lights.   I could probly tell you the exact second the anti-nausea wore off and how grateful I was for the pretty cornflower blue barf bag they’d given me.  I only had to use it twice.

So today I felt pretty good for most of the day.  The past couple of hours, not so good.   Time will tell.  PD is BBQ-ing pork that’s been marinating in JD BBQ sauce and baking potatoes for what promises to be a yummy dinner.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I’ll be able to enjoy it.

UPDATE:  I guess I should have clarified… I have not yet passed the stone, it’s still in there moving around and wreaking havoc.

12 responses to “THE SAGA NEVER ENDS

  1. Awww, sweetie, I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Good Lord Linda. You need to knock it off and start feeling better for awhile. As always, you are in my prayers. I could almost imagine you sitting there on the curb watching the fireworks, you crazy kids and you drugs! 😉

  3. your, that should be your drugs. I really need a better keyboard! Yeah, that’s the ticket, it’s the keyboards fault!

  4. Hang in there, if i makes you feel any better I just banged my shin on the coffee table

  5. Kidney stones are terribly painful. Hope things are going better now.

  6. LG: Thanks, you’re always in my corner and I appreciate that 🙂

    Amigo: Thanks for the prayers and for making me laff, as usual.

    Michael: Here’s a kiss for your shin. Now I have to worry about your boo-boos on top of mine. Thanks, brat 😉
    PS Thanks for coming here! 🙂

    Cas: Thanks, are you speaking from experience? I’m not better quite yet but hopeful…

    Scott: You got that right!

  7. i’m just glad they could relieve the pain, i’ve heard some folks can’t get no relief from those stupid stones. have you ever had them before? i hope this isn’t the beginning of more. you’ve had too much of this pain thing lately, it’s time for it to stop damnit.

    (read that aloud to your body and make sure it knows i mean business.)

  8. Leah: It will be my new mantra. Thanks, Schweethot.

  9. I hated having kidney stones. It was painful and the treatment was terrifyingly humiliating for me. Lithotripsy is no fun. The only plus side was the morphine they kept pumping into me.
    I will be praying extra hard for you.

  10. Yep, sound kind of like my experience. Scared to death because you don’t know what the hell is wrong and once they give you the drugs you are in heaven. I faintly remember walking down the hallway in the ER, on my way to get my scan, in my hospital gown, ass out, not even caring. I unfortunately was admitted and stayed the night in the most horrible hospital. They allowed me to order some dinner once I got to my room and all I wanted was some comfort food, a PB&J. Out of jelly! My IV also ran out twice. Still the drugs were great, can’t imagine watching fireworks, must have been awesome.

  11. M+: I just found out something about you I hadn’t known. Glad that’s behind you. Thanks for the prayers, Bro’ 🙂

    Bailey: I remember being scared, I’d never felt that kind of pain, not even with birthing babies. Yep, the drugs were good. And I was glad they invited me back if I needed to go. Is tempting 😉 Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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