Was performing my semi-monthly YouTube surfing marathon and came across this band.  Razorlight.  They are entirely awesome.  I favorited a whole slew of their videos and will be adding some songs to my iTunes as soon as I get my $50 iTunes gift card that I paid $25 for on eBay.  I know!

Here’s my favorite song of theirs so far… It’s called Somewhere Else.

Sorry YouTube doesn’t feel like sending video to me tonight. You’ll have to copy and paste this link into your browser:


Somewhere Else by Razorlight

Or you can try clicking on that.  (I’ll be darned, that works!)

If you like that, check this out too:

Wire To Wire by Razorlight

My gut feeling is that now I’ll see and hear this band all over the place.  That always happens to me.   I hope I’m right about this.  Considering all the big names they’ve been associated with and so many great things they’ve done, I can’t believe I’ve never come across them before.

Are any of you familiar with the band and if so, what songs do you like?

4 responses to “RAZORLIGHT

  1. Wire to Wire rocks

  2. Michael: It does. And so does In The Morning. I’m going to need to have you check out the Hoodoo Gurus very soon. XO

  3. i like this song, never heard of them before. that boy is cute.

  4. that first one is the one i meant, listening to the second one now. i’m worried he’s going to catch himself on fire. it’s distracting.

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