Several times lately I’ve sat down here to write and realized that things I wanted to say needed to be explained and didn’t have the time or energy to get into the whole whatever so I just didn’t write.  And Lord knows I don’t need one more reason to add to the list as long as my arm that’s keeping me from writing here.  So if you can find it in your heart to bear with me and muddle through a bunch of uninteresting but necessary (to me) details so that I can maneuver around this bump and move on, I’ll love you forever.

So I saw the foot doctor on Thursday.  He’s more or less satisfied with how my foot has healed (nearly 100%) but concerned about the pain I’ve had elsewhere in my foot since the boot came off.  So he wrote me a script for an anti-inflammatory and ambushed me with a hypo gave me a big-ass shot of cortisone in that little hollow spot in front of my outside ankle bone.  Crikey, that “pinched.”  Kind of like the same way a guillotine pinches your neck.  Incidentally, I lost the bandaid somewhere in my bed between that night and this morning when I woke up and found it pasted to my right ass cheek.  WTF. He told me to keep doing what I’m doing, stop when it hurts and come back on July 30.

Yesterday I decided I was totally fed up with sitting around and cleaned my whole house and did laundry and brought the rest of my summer clothes out of the attic.  PD and I decided we felt like entertaining so we invited some friends over to sample his recent acquirance of bison meat and I spent a couple of hours making supplementary food and getting the back yard ready for guests.  In other words, I totally abused my foot.  And it felt good. (The abusing of, not the foot, per se.)

Work is still the same, basically but with a few thousand twists.  No need to elaborate, so I won’t. *Yawn*  HR is being a pain in the ass, starting to pressure me about not working the over time.  They can’t quite seem to understand the complicated medical term “until further notice.”  Duh already.

In case you’re wondering, I still can’t get below 10 cigarettes per day and no, my weight has not changed despite the massive amounts of food I ingest on a daily basis.  Is there such a thing as a tapeworm with a nicotine addiction?  Surely there must be.  I must confess though, that several times on recent weekends, due to the frequency of friends dropping over to enjoy a fire and a few beers, I’ve gone over my daily limit.  I know.  You can’t say anything I haven’t thought or heard already.  But thanks.

So now we’re up to par on the foot/work/cig/weight fronts.  Now I can move on to other things.

Oh wait!  The old guy?  The Friday before Father’s Day, I spotted him (standing this time) on his porch.  Still with that faraway stare out into space, hands folded on the crook of a cane.  A car was parked in front of his house this time and a younger man was leaning into the back seat.  Led me to wonder if he’d had a visitor and who and why and a zillion other things for the rest of my drive home.

And YES I’m loving being able to drive again!  JOY JOY JOY 🙂

10 responses to “KNOTTING UP LOOSE ENDS

  1. I am glad to hear you are almost 100% again. It must feel so good.

  2. Lori: Does. Thanks!

  3. Can’t wait for your visit to NY! 😉

  4. Glad to hear your back on the move! I haven’t had a cigarette since October of last year. I have wanted one several times, but I haven’t given in. My weight, well we won’t even go there. Let’s just say that since I have been forced out of work, I have not been as active as I should be. And Macy’s needs to stop trying to get me to be a float in their damn parade!

  5. I imagine this:
    the young man was the old man’s estranged son. The son has realized that you only get one dad, and he has come to make peace with his father (bearing gifts, hence the leaning over the seat). The old man was staring into the distance so as not to cry over the reconciliation he has waited so many years for. He is wishing the son’s mother was there so they could all hug and kiss.
    I could really get into this, but you get my drift…

    What, doesn’t everybody make up stories about strangers??!!

  6. Ju: Neither can I and we need to start making a plan!
    Love you!

    Jeff: I’m so proud of you, you smokeless wonder! And quite jealous, I might add. I stepped on the scale for my daily weigh and seem to have gained 2 lbs. since Friday. That happens often, though. I get excited and then the next day it’s gone.
    I called Macy’s, they said they never heard of you.

    Lou: Your story is very, very close to the one in my head. Did you read the original post? I thought about that man for days. I’m starting to wonder if he might be blind…

  7. That wasn’t a painful read at all! Good luck on the foot/work/cig/weight stuff.

  8. Scott: You didn’t have to say that, I already like you a lot 🙂 And thanks for the good luck wishes.

  9. i’ll second what scott said (re: painful read). i’m glad you gimp foot is getting betta and thank god you can drive again that’s a freedom that i take for granted.

    i had two cortisone shots in both of my feet a few years ago and i swear to god it was almost as bad as contractions.

  10. I always miss so much when I go away for a weekend. And Creation is an exceptionally long weeekend. I come back to find all kinds of things have changed, and it weirds me out…
    I’m glad things are going so much better these days.

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