This is mostly for me. But if you’re interested, this is what I’ve been listening to lately. I must say it’s a mess of some really kickass music.  Put this up in a rush at like 2am so sorry if the links are messed up.

Flowers for a Ghost ~ Thriving Ivory

Satellite Skin ~ Modest Mouse

Creeping Out Sara ~ NOFX

Take Me Home ~ After Midnight Project

Stay Over ~ The Rescues

That’s Not My Name ~ The Ting Tings

Fifty On Our Foreheads ~ White Lies

Backwards Walk ~ Frightened Rabbit

Thy Will Be Done ~ Handsome Furs

Cannot Get Started ~ Handsome Furs

Plea for a Cat Named Virtue ~ The Weakerthans

Daniel ~ Bat for Lashes

The Game ~ Echo and the Bunnymen

Out That Door ~ Hoodoo Gurus

Tojo ~ Hoodoo Gurus

You Don’t Know Me ~ Ben Folds/ Regina Spektor

I Don’t Know ~ Lisa Hannigan

Airstream Driver ~ Gomez

Boy ~ Book of Love

Gotta Have You ~ The Weepies

Geraldine ~ Glasvegas

6 responses to “MUSIC LATELY

  1. I’ve listened to a couple of these so far. This might end up being a new playlist for me.

  2. Really digging The Rescues. I’ll have to come back and finish the list another time — the boy woke me at 6 a.m. this morning and no doubt will do the same again. So, off to bed for me.

  3. Mark: Glad you’re liking some. You know how I get happy from sharing and I always feel that you appreciate my taste.
    Nice of you to get up with the kid 😉

  4. omg, more one wink music! i’ve come to rely on you for the “what’s hot” music. i would totally pay you a fee if i could.

  5. ooh! i just thought of something, have you tried for your music? you can be your own dj there.

  6. Goin with the Ben Folds one as the best of that bunch, good stuff

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