I’m feeling especially grateful today and wanted to share my feelings.

Having spent last (but not this past)  weekend with my family made me realize how very, very lucky I am to have a loving, attentive daughter who’s an absolutely terrific mother to my three precious grandkids and a wonderful wife to my amazing son-in-law.  I am blessed to have a husband who appreciates our family as much as I do and who doesn’t think twice about stepping up to help out when I can’t be at 100%.

I’m grateful to have a mother who gives up her time to spend with us and enjoys watching her great-grandchildren grow and thrive.  It made me feel good to have her tell me what great parents the JuJu’s are and what a joy and how well-behaved the little ones are.

I’m thankful to have such terrific neighbors who are not only great friends but willing to help when needed, not only if asked but often before they’re even asked.  They are comfortable with us when we spend time together having fun and still respect our need for time alone.  We share our problems and joys alike.

This whole broken foot-thing has been stressful and trying at times but it’s been one of those experiences that illustrate loud and clear who your friends are.  While it’s been very small on the scale of bad things that can happen to a person, it still served as a reminder to me that you shouldn’t take things like body parts and friends for granted.

I’m especially grateful to PD who’s managed not only to pick up my tremendous slack around the house these past weeks but was able to drive me to and from work.  There were only a couple of incidents involving his Meniere’s that made it difficult and I thank God for that.  And who but someone who loved me more than I deserve would haul his butt out of bed at an ungodly hour every morning after having watched so many hockey games after I’d gone to bed?

Now that I’ve been able to retire the boot (as of Thursday past) I’m going to try to keep my pace slow and smell the proverbial flowers.  My ankle is weak from un-use and my going is still a bit pokey (it’s actually more painful than the break was on the side of my foot, believe it or not) but I’m exercising it every day and planning to run a marathon hopefully soon I’ll start feeling normal again.  I’m keeping my driving to a minimum.  No, the old guy was not sitting on his porch today.  And no, I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket yet.

9 responses to “BODY PARTS AND FRIENDS

  1. This post also could be called an “Anti-Rant,” because it’s so positive. Way to focus on the great things in your life. We should all do this more often.

  2. So glad to hear things are improving. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, and this happened so that you could slow down the work crap (a situation that was somewhat out of your control) and have more time for friends and family. I know it sucked that it stopped you from going to the Juju’s, but I think your mental health needed this.

    Love ya!

  3. Glad to hear that things are moving right along. Maybe we can run that marathon together, then we can share an ambulance ride!

  4. Thanks, Mom. Maybe I should brake my foot??

  5. Glad to hear the foot is better. I know it can be a bummer for sure

  6. Gratitude will take you further and farther than anything else.

  7. woot! glad you are on the mend and i so agree that things like that will make you stop and take notice. you are one of those rare people that actually understands the importance of seeing beyond the nekked eye 😉

  8. “hopefully soon I’ll start feeling normal again.”

    When were you ever normal?

    We’ve had far too many conversations about the things that are really important in life. It shouldn’t have taken a broken bone to remind you of them, but I’m glad it gave you time to rethink your priorities.

  9. Mark: You just made me realize something… I’m rarely positive on here (the blog) and it seems to me that I’m more positive in my other life (off the blog) and I save the ranting for here. Hmmmn. So I guess y’all are used to me being all un-positive.

    LG: I think you got that all right 🙂

    Jeff: Thanks. You’re on for the marathon. And the ensuing ride 😉

    Ju: You’re welcome. And Noooooooo!

    TC: Thanks and especially for taking the time to stop over. Miss you here.

    Scott: Further AND farther? I agree that gratitude is a wonderful vehicle but now you got me wondering what the difference is. You always make me think, you know that?

    Leah: Thanks for sayin’ those nice werds.

    M+: You shure have a point there, Buddy 🙂
    I haven’t lost my perspective, just was getting too wrapped up in life’s garbage to see it clearly. Thanks for the pep talk.

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