PD and I had a lovely weekend with my daughter JuJu and her terrific family.  We celebrated Juju’s birthday, my granddaughter’s birthday, Easter and Mother’s Day.  A lot to cram into less than 48 hours.  Saturday night we had a fire and ate popcorn and had “beverages.”  That didn’t last too long, as the little ones pooped out early and it actually got quite chilly rather quickly.  We also started to watch Bedtime Stories and laughed a lot but we quit for some reason and never got back to it.  Mostly we played and talked and ate.  But it was good, however short.  Seems that with all of our work schedules and my limited absence of driving skills, it gets harder and harder to get together.  And that makes me very sad.  Really makes hitting the lottery and buying a helicopter look appealing.

So my house is quiet now, but still relatively clean.  It was a bit of a wreck before the weekend.  PD isn’t quite finished with the front porch closing-in.  The outside wall in the living room looks like we took a wrecking ball to it but the new window is in and when the dry wall gets put up and the painting gets done, all will be good.  The new window looks out on to the new room window so we still have a wonderful view of the field across the road and the hills and trees beyond that.  I can still watch the sunrise and the colors of the seasons change in the trees.

Well, this is short and I’m tired.  Plus, I hear the music of the Good Humor truck outside.  I need to run.

7 responses to “QUICK CATCH UP

  1. It’s always good to have such fun time with family. And no matter how long you have, it’s never quite long enough.
    Mom says “Hi”.

  2. The room with a view sounds very nice! Show us a pic when it’s done.

  3. First hand here…it’s freakin’ awesome!

  4. M+: Yeah, you know it, Gramps 😉 Hi back, Mom 🙂

    Lou: Might be awhile but I’ll do pics when I can.

    Hazel: Thanks, Sis. Glad you think so 🙂

  5. Glad ya finally got to see your juju and family. Reminds me that I need to get out and go visit my mom soon.

  6. the weekend sounds really nice. glad you guys had such a wonderful time together. i’m hoping that my trip to the states will bring as much happiness.

    why are you driving less? have i missed something? probably.

  7. UN: When are you coming to the US? And where will you be?
    I broke my foot mid-April. You can read about it here:
    I feel bad that you and I don’t spend as much time reading each other any more… Life gets too hectic, no? I do miss you!

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