Sheesh, I haven’t posted for a week.  Two reasons for that, actually…  One, I been busy.  Two, I’m irritated that only three people watched the vid I posted last week.  I feel kinda bad, b/c one person reported in real life that it ruined the song for him forevermore.  Didn’t mean to do that…

Great news on the homefront; the JuJu Clan is coming for a weekend visit.  I can’t wait.  Now I gotta run and get this workday out of the way.

4 responses to “FRIDAY AGAIN ALREADY

  1. Well, I did watch that video last week, and watched it again just now. Sorry you were disappointed about the participation. I find that less and less people are blogging these days, and busy seems to be a big part of it. And I think FaceBook has had a large impact. And I just love the blog community.

    Enjoy your weekend guests!!

  2. Cas: I know! We can’t let blogging slip. I’m guilty, I check Facebook and Twitter daily but try to catch up on blogs on the weekends, for the most part.

  3. I watched that video and forwarded it from YouTube to several people. But maybe I saw it somewhere else, I cannot be sure.

    Hope your weekend is fab!

  4. sorry i didn’t come visit you for a while.

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