So I had my follow-up visit with Jeff the Cute Podiatrist this evening.

He took two more x-rays and the fracture is very nearly healed and he was happy with my progress. You can barely see the crack at all.  He said that I was fortunate that it was a nice clean break in “a good place” if there is such a thing.  He said it’s a large, hollow bone that, if kept stable, can heal very nicely.  And mine appears to be doing just that.  We discussed the possiblility of physical therapy and he didn’t see a need for it.  He thinks that I was walking nicely on it without the boot (from the exam room to the X-ray room.)  He said if I were older and wasn’t healing as well, he would recommend it but in my case, didn’t think it’s necessary.  That’s fine with me.  I’m tired missing out on things, extra hours out of my day sitting inside with professional people telling me to do shit isn’t something I would be happy about.

I need to wear my boot for two more weeks.  Then if I’m comfortable, I can switch to a good tennis shoe or go back to wearing my hard-soled shoe for another week and then the tennis shoe.  No driving while I’m still in the boot. 😦  But no 10-hour days at work at least until I go back and see him on June 25.

I’m pretty happy with this.  Especially walking crutchless and no OT.  Poor PD though, still playing chauffeur.  And it breaks my heart that it’s going to be that much longer before I can plan a trip to NY to see the JuJu’s.  But as long as I keep healing the way I am, I can stop worrying about the possibility of surgery and a real cast and crutches and all that crap.  It was nagging at me in the back of my mind.  So I’m relieved in that respect.

Thanks for the prayers and putting up with my whining.

There’s another storm coming through and I think I’ll get off here now.

8 responses to “YIPPEE… KINDA

  1. You broke a large, hollow bone? I thought you broke your foot, not your head – ha ha ha ha, just kidding. 🙂 I’m glad it was good news, but overjoyed that it means more time off from OT. You deserve this break (okay, no pun intended).

    Love ya!!

  2. LG: LOL, good one! You’re on a roll- What, did you get lucky tonight? ;-P
    Thanks, love ya too!

  3. WOOT WOOT, glad you are healing up well. You should be dancing in no time! It’s great that you got to take a break from it all! (hey Lawgirl gets too throw out puns, so can I)

  4. OW – LOL – man, I wish!!

  5. Happy to hear it. A little joint juice wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. Jeff: You can’t imagine how bad I want to dance. And drive. And RUN. You guys are too funny.

    LG: No comment 😉

    Hazel: You can get that stuff in a juice??? I’m there! ;-P

  7. Sounds like some good news. Glad it’s going to be over soon.

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. This is good news!

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