You know how sometimes you just come across something and it triggers a memory and you laugh and think, holy cow this would be a hoot to put on the old blog?


Well, I did and it did and I am and it is.  For me and I hope you too.

Once upon a time, long, long ago and far away, my bff Kate and I attended a concert.  On the bill were Johnny Lee, Mickey Gilley and the Urban Cowboy Band.  The concert doesn’t stick in my mind as much as the After-Concert shenanigans.  Oh, and when Kate and I got together in our younger days, there were always shenanigans.  You have no idea…

Anyway, I don’t recall the exact circumstances, but bff Kate and I found ourselves invited to join the party on Mickey‘s tour bus.  Mickey didn’t invite us but at least one member of the Urban Cowboy Band did.  And that would have been Dwight, the bass player.  Yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for bass players.  I got a cheek kiss and an autograph before being invited to the party.

(I need to say, that just now, searching all the links I found for the Urban Cowboy band, I have yet to find a bass player named Dwight.  So he either had a short stint with the band or there’s just no record of him. At any rate, I still have the autograph… so I don’t think I dreamt it.)

So, not long at all after stepping up into the bus we noticed that the entertainment had already commenced in the form of a video playing on a screen above the dashboard that I seem to recall as a popular one at the time entitled “Debbie Does Some City that starts with D.”  Rather than flee, we talked the party people into replacing that tape with [what the heck is the name of the movie with Bill Murray and the gopher???] Anyway, that one.  Not Groundhog day, the other one. I always get them mixed up.  Ah, Caddy Shack! Somehow that seemed to add a little more (haha) class to the whole adventure.

So we hung out there for awhile, had a beer (I still have that Schlitz can somewhere) and I don’t remember much else except that Mickey came out from a room in the back for some reason and all I could see was a huge flash when the light reflected on his diamond pinky ring.  I also remember that Johnny was nowhere to be found.  Rumors at the time had circulated that he and Charlene Tilton (of Dallas fame) were on the skids and he wasn’t in much of a party mood.

So there you have it, a little trip down One Wink’s memory lane…

7 responses to “FOR THE HECK OF IT

  1. fattiefatterton

    Wonderful post!! I have to say, what was confusing about Debbie was that she only did one guy and she never went to Dallas.

  2. Hey, cool post. Always nice to have some background on someone you are stalking reading.

  3. LG: I’ll have to take your word for that… 😉

    Amigo: Glad you liked it. Lol on the stalking. I mean reading.

  4. This is a great post. I love little trips down memeory lane. You’re living a charmed life.

  5. you were a groupie for a night! very cool. i remember when that whole gilleys thing was big.

  6. Yes, you were a groupie, like leah said. That’s so funny that you went in there and took over. I mean, who else could have convinced those guys to turn off their p*rn? Now we see that your days of cavorting with the band go way back.

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