People keep asking me how my foot is coming along.  I don’t know what to tell them without going into the whole big long story.  Which is this:

The x-rays show that I broke my foot.  It hurt initially but about the time I left the ER, the pain went away.  It didn’t swell and never bruised until day 3.  Three days later the bruise was gone.  I tried using the crutches for 2 days but my left wrist hurt so bad I gave up on that crutch.  I wore the Ace bandage and the hard-soled shoe they gave me at the hospital.  A couple weeks later I went to the podiatrist and he took more x-rays and fitted me with an elastic sleeve for my foot and a boot to stabilize it.  He said to continue to use the Ace bandage and crutches.  Ice, if I feel it to be necessary.  Come back on the 28th.  The elastic sleeve cuts off the circulation in my ankle and hurts.  I use the bandage and the boot and the crutch and try to stay off it as much as possible. I cannot measure pain I do not have and I do not have x-ray vision.  I am not a physician.

So people ask me how it’s coming along, if it still hurts, how long do I have to wear that thing, etc., etc.  I know they mean well but I got tired repeating the story.  Now I just say “I don’t know, I go back to the dr. on the 28th” which is all I know and the absolute truth.  They screw up their faces and look at me as if I’m trying to keep something from them.  And a lot of times it’s the same people asking me daily.  Isn’t there some kind of etiquette for dealing with people with disabilities such as a broken foot?  When I encounter someone with something wrong, I say “How you doin’?” to show I care.  If it seems they want to offer more information, fine.  Unless, you know, it’s one of those people who thrive on the attention and give you way more information that you wanted.

Just sayin’… next time you encounter someone on crutches, I promise you, they have already heard all the silly jokes AND don’t need to be reminded that they will have one big old muscular thigh when it’s all over and done with.  And it would be much more appreciated if you would just maybe smile.

Oh yeah, and if you decide to yank the door open for someone on crutches,  first make sure they’re not leaning on it for balance.

((I realize this makes me sound like a bitch. This was just a rant to let off some steam and frustration.  Mostly people are great and helpful and truly do care how I’m doing.  And I’m not ungrateful for that. Don’t take me too seriously.))

10 responses to “LIMPER’S LAMENT

  1. fattiefatterton

    Love ya!!!

  2. When I was on crutches once, I learned how to use them as weapons. Most people avoided me until I was walking on my own again. I could teach you….

  3. So true. I got a lot of grimacing faces, and people saying “you broke your wrist, oh no, oh God, how awful, tragic, poor thing, etc, etc.” C’mon people- it is not cancer; it is not fatal.
    Some people really wanted to go on and on about my wrist. It seemed they took pleasure in medical problems.
    After the 1st week, I cut folks right off with “it’s a very minor break, no big deal, and hey, what about those Tigers.”

  4. your shoes don’t match

  5. Well, so much for my next question!

  6. Everybody: I knew I could count on each and every one of you to make me smile. Thanks 😀

  7. Bet you’d be good at swimming in circles!

  8. BB: Congratulations! I haven’t heard that one yet. Unfortunately, with this heavy boot, I’d sink. ;-P

  9. hey… how ya doin????

    hehehehehe… i just couldn’t help myself! 🙂

    nice to see that i’m not the only one who gets annoyed at such! 🙂

    keep up the fighting spirit… makes things heal faster… i think. 🙂

  10. i wonder if you could find work as a broken foot model?

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