˙sǝıʇıןıqɐ ʎɯ uı ǝɔuǝpıɟuoɔ ɹnoʎ ɯǝǝpǝɹ oʇ ɥɔıɥʍ uı ʎɐʍ ןןɐɯs ɐ ǝq ʇɥƃıɯ sıɥʇ ʇɥƃnoɥʇ ı ‘sǝnssı qǝʍ snoɹǝɯnu ʎq pǝƃuǝןןɐɥɔ uǝʇɟo os ɯɐ ı ǝɔuıs


12 responses to “I CAN ALSO CROSS ONE EYE…

  1. I don’t know how you did that without looking it up somewhere. nice.

  2. Meaning without looking it up for myself. Not that you couldn’t do it without looking it up. nevermind

  3. It took me a minute to read that. I used to be better than I am now.

  4. Mark: Yeah, right. lol

    Cas: Aren’t we all???

    Jeff: I love you, man 🙂

  5. ?sdrawkcab daer ouy nac tub ,seY

    Sorry, couldn’t figure out the upside down thing. And I can make one eye roll up into my head…

  6. .nac I yllautca ,seY :+M
    I appreciate that you took the time to do that 😉

  7. WOW! I can write backwards and can do mirror writing. I can cross my eyes independently of each other. I can truly wiggle my ears. But I cannot type upside down.

  8. Scott: My talents are few and I cheated on the upside down typing. But I can write backwards and upside down in cursive all at the same time. On a good day, anyway. I’ve tried a thousand times to wiggle my ears. I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, I think. It’s one of the things I do when I can’t fall asleep, practicing. Another fun thing is to mimic the way people walk when you’re behind them. It’s weird, when you get it just right, you can feel it.

  9. I don’t understand it. What does it mean? How does everyone else know? I feel out of the loop.. not just here, but everywhere. Who is that terribly dressed lady that sings really good? Why do people have multiple blogs? How do I even YOU?

    This upside down posting really disorientated me!!!

  10. Lou: It’s ok! You’re fine. Just don’t look at it. It says: “since I am so often challenged by numerous web issues, I thought this might be a small way in which to redeem your confidence in my abilities.”
    Are you having a rough day? Here’s a hug for you { }

  11. i can wiggle my ears so between the two of us, we’re a whole circus act.

    i am quite impressed that you can write upside down and backwards.

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