I figured that since I had to actually type in my blog log-in info that I was overdue for a posting.

My life is still crap only worse.  Honestly not sure if I blogged about my visit to the podiatrist but since I still have pent up anxiety over the whole deal, chances are, I didn’t vent on you guys.  I don’t think anxiety is exactly the right word but we’re going to go with that until I come up with the right one.

So last Thursday I went to see my PCP.  The cute one who lets me swear and pretty much do whatever I want in the office.  I was missing him (being that I hadn’t seen him in awhile) but mostly I wanted to find out how my foot looked to a trained person and when the hell I could drive.

I was sitting waiting for him on one of those awful hard bed things covered in paper with NO pillow.  I was the last appointment of the day and had put in ten hours work already. I was tired and hungry and across the room there were a couple comfortable-looking chairs.  I hobbled over and parked myself there and grabbed his stool-on-wheels and propped up my foot and was nearly asleep when he came in.  I always forget how good-looking he is.  I’m not sure if that’s what made me jump to attention or the fact that I was nearing REM, but either way it made him turn around and he still had a funny look on his face like he was trying to figure out where his patient was.

We talked and he looked at my foot and by that time I was falling asleep again and so was he.  He said my foot seemed good but he was concerned about keeping it that way and was very polite about not chewing me out for having walked on it sans crutches for over a week.  He knew I didn’t want to go the whole orthopedic route and had a podiatrist buddy and would I at least indulge him and if so, he would set up the appointment at my convenience.  Gotta love that guy.  It was almost funny how many times he sent the receptionist out to get it set up (three or four anyway.)

Long story short.  The next afternoon I saw “Call me Jeff,” the podiatrist guy who was nearly as handsome as his friend, my PCP.  (What is it with these guys, do they have a club or something?  Not to make them sound any less skilled as medical professionals, but he swears too.)  More x-rays, yes it’s a navicular fracture.*  He gives me this excrutiatingly snug elastic sleeve that fits from my toes to well above my ankle and this gawd-awful black boot adorned with hardware and velcro and spongy insulation and mylar balloons and even a plug thing for inflating.  Criminy.  It goes clear up to my knee and PD said it must weigh about 4 pounds. Oh yeah, and strict orders to use the crutches.


Thought you might enjoy this snippet of conversation between Jeff and his receptionist as I was setting up my follow-up appointment.

Nancy (speaking loudly to Jeff who was in the adjoining room):  “When would you like to see Linda again?”

Jeff: What’s my schedule look like the week of the 18th?

Nancy:  No go, you’ll be in Mexico.

Jeff:  Mexico??? For what?

Nancy: That wedding.

Jeff:  Wedding?  That’s not Mexico, it’s New Mexico.

Nancy (still studying calendar, slightly irritated by now):  Same thing… Linda can you be here the 28th at 5:45?

So there’s how that went.  Only good thing is that Jeff wanted me to take some time off and when I explained the work situation and the OT, he said “Uh. No.”  So I’m excused from working more than 8-hour days, at least until the 28.  While that would seem to be just the thing to make me a happy camper, all the freakin’ rain we’ve been having has served to dampen my spirits somewhat.  Pun intended.

So PD has been chauffeuring my butt to and from work each day.  And I keep praying that he has good days so he’ll be up for the task.  At least he can get up at 6am to take me instead of 5am.  That’s something.

The very worst part was having to cancel a trip to NY which would have been a really great Mother’s Day present for me and Ju to give each other.

* This makes me laugh, as I seem to have a penchant for injuring myself in ways that are normally reserved for athletes.  For example, remember when I had that lower thorascic muscle strain that mostly heavy weight lifters get?  WTH?

13 responses to “ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FIT

  1. Hey! I have a spaceboot just like that, except mine was not inflatable. I injured myself while responding to an accident scene. No, not as an emergency worker. As a journalist. The photojournalist snapped a lovely picture of the excruciating pain on my face as I hobbled along the median. Bastard.

  2. Poor darling. On the other hand, I think you need those extra hours off. It will be good for you. But I am sorry about the trip to NY.

  3. Mark: I bet Ben would enjoy seeing you wear it for your next Space Adventure.
    Did you ever blog about that incident? You should. I’m planning a trip to Regular Life this weekend to see what’s going on over there.

    LG: I do. Lugging this around for 8 hours is a little over my limit. Thanks.

  4. Guess you need to lay off the shooting hoops for a bit! You better be following your docs orders, don’t make me come over there!

  5. Take good care of yourself. And Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. I work for 8 orthopedic docs, and I cannot tell you how gorgeous each and every one is. Some days I still swoon, and I’ve seen them most every day for over 10 years. You should let an ortho treat you. That is a tricky fracture, but you seem to have made up your mind.
    My fracture was the navicular also, but in my wrist. I just got my cast off yesterday, and I have to wear a simple velcro brace. I’m loving that.
    It all sucks, especially the trip, but we are on the mend. Be grateful!!

  7. Jeff: Hoops, skating and pole vaulting are on my list of “Don’ts” for the near future. I’m not listening so you better come, now! 😉

    Cassie: Okie dokie, thanks 🙂

    Lou: Aw, c’mon with the guilt! I think that’s how I got stubborn, being raised Catholic and having that guilt thing hanging over me at every turn 😉 So glad you got your cast off and hope it feels good. Grateful is good, thanks for the reminder. I’ll be over to see you on the weekend.

  8. i wonder if the injuries are a left over from a previous life as an olympic athlete.

    i have those exact same shoes, or they look the same. i liked them so much i bought a black pair too 😉

    i hope this gets better soon and pd will be able to keep up his chauffeuring duties.

  9. Leah: That would explain a lot of other things, like why my neck gets sore (from the weight of all those medals hanging on it)
    I have 3 pairs of those shoes, but no black. They are: worn out, decent and new.

  10. i forgot to mention that i have a foot injury too, seriously. you’ve had yours longer though 😉

    from my research on the internet (note no doctor-but i’m going on monday) it’s a cuboid problem.

  11. For some odd reason, I feel the extreme need to scold you for not just accepting the 8 hour work days as an immeasurable blessing. Why complain about the rain (which will eventually stop – and surely before the 28th) when you’ve been given a 2 hour daily furlough from the madhouse? What is wrong with you woman?

  12. M+: For some odd reason, I agree that I need scolding. And there are very few people who can get away with that, lol. What is wrong with me? I’m a spoiled brat and you can blame that on PD next time you see him.
    It just so happens that this week my personal project is working on being more grateful. I have a lot more work to do in that area. I appreciate your help, Bro’.

  13. You know I love ya, Sis. And I wouldn’t say what I say to hurt you. I just want to make sure you keep that positive flow going in your life. We’ve had these conversations before though. So you know you can always count on me to bring you back to focus on the good things that God is doing for, in and through you.

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