31 Today

This was just some random video I found with a blonde and an age in it.  Those are the only two similarities to the fact that my sweet daughter is celebrating a birthday today.  Really.

JuJu, I hope you have a beautiful day.  I hope you’re afforded the opportunity to look around you and appreciate the life that you’ve help build for your family.  Notice the loving homey touches around your house that make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  Look at those beautiful kids you’re helping to raise and see how smart and polite and funny they are.  Look at your handsome husband and see the love and adoration reflecting in his eyes.  And appreciate how wonderful it must feel to be responsible for so much love in our family and yours.  And take the time to look in the mirror and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished.  And while you’re at it, blow yourself a birthday kiss from me.  Close your eyes and feel my hug.

And when you blow out your twenty-something candles, I hope your dream comes true.  Like you did for me 🙂

Happy Birthday Sweetie! PD and I love you so very much.  We will be together to celebrate in a couple of weeks.  I’ll bring wine.  Lots of wine. 🙂

Probly should mention that that’s Aimee Mann performing up there.  And I wonder if the redhead is symbolic of aging itself.  It’s just always there and gets more annoying as time goes on…

PS I scheduled this to post this morning and now I find out at 7:30 pm that it did not.  Sorry, Ju.

8 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUJU

  1. Happy Birthday Juju!! I tried to post on your own blog, but for some reason it wasn’t letting me. You two are so lucky to have each other (mom and daughter.) 😀

  2. Aw,t his is the sweetest birthday tribute ever.

    Happy birthday, Juju.

  3. Thanks so much, Mom! Hopefully we can celebrate before my next birthday 😉 Don’t stress about it though, we’ll figure something out. Love you guys 🙂


  5. I’m noticing a lot of birthdays on this blog. I hope you are not making this stuff up..that is a psychological condition you know.

    But just in case–Happy Birthday young lady.

  6. JuJu: You’re welcome…I I know we will. XO

    Lou: LOL. You don’t know all the joys of having a huge family. Yesterday, my brother-in-law AND nephew shared their birthdays with Ju. Maddie’s birthday was also another brother’s-in law. You can’t make this stuff up! In September, my sister (Hazel) and my SIL share a day. Eight days’ later is the birthday of my MIL and my niece.
    And did I tell you that my grandson was born on (what would have been) my grandfather’s 100th birthday. I shit you not.

  7. I hope it’s a wonderful birthday for you, Juju.

    Wink, You just always know the right way to touch someone’s heart.

  8. aww man, you gotted me again! happy birthday juju!

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