Came across this interesting bit of information tonight while surfing the web.  I’m so glad I found it because normally I would find out after the fact and find it necessary to get quite pissy about it.

Assuming it’s not raining or snowing or cloudy, I’ll be able to share this awesome sight with my awesome husband.  Normally I do not see him that time of day because he is sound asleep.  But this week his butt he will be up with me.  And hopefully each day he will feel well enough to drive me to work.  Normally I can drive my own butt to work.  But this morning around 3am I came downstairs to get a drink of water (or something.)  Normally this is not a problem due to the nifty night lights we have at the top, on the landing and at the bottom of our stairs.  They are motion-sensitive and when they see me coming they jump up and down and sing You Light up my Life get brighter. Bad thing tho’, is that the one at the bottom casts a shadow on the bottom step due to the newel post being between the light and the actual stairs.  I always have to be careful to make sure I’m actually on the last step.  Normally I slow down when I get near the bottom to make sure I know where the floor is.  Normally, I said.

This morning I did not slow down at the bottom.  I thought I was on the floor when my left foot was on the last stair.  So when my right foot came down, my heel caught on the stair and my foot did this weird twisty collapsing thing which explains the fairly loud cracking noise that triggered the nausea button in my tummy.

Long story short, a trip to the ER for X-rays which showed the broken bone and resulting in my nervous breakdown. having to wear an Ace bandage and one of those sexy-as-hell navy blue clod-hopper boot things with the come-hither Velcro straps.  All the more alluring with the addition of crutches.

It’s all cool though.  I got Percocet to keep my mind off the fact that my life, which couldn’t possibly have gotten any more sucky, indeed has.

13 responses to “STAIRWAY TO THE STARS

  1. fattiefatterton

    You could decorate the boot 😀 Maybe this is God’s way of saying, slow down and smell the tulips!!

  2. LG: I was thinking of putting streamers on my crutches. Oh, and a bell would be a nice touch!
    God’s always trying to tell me things. One of these days, He’s just going to slap me upside my thick head.
    Tulips 🙂

  3. I still have my spaceboot from back when I cracked my ankle. Maybe I’ll wear it one day to… nah, probably not.

    Sorry to hear you got hurt. I haven’t got around to reading the third part of the rant yet. Maybe soon.

  4. Hang in there! I hope it doesn’t hurt too much

  5. ProdigalSon

    I wish i’d break an ankle, wouldn’t feel so bad about my incessant sitting around.

    And i highly recommend alot of whiskey, it’ll finish off whatever pain the Percs miss.

  6. Oh, I winced when I read that. I do hope the Percocet is doing the trick. I do hope you will be able to dance a jig soon, it has to get warm soon right?

  7. Crap…..that sucks! Hope you start to feel better!

  8. Mmmmmm… Percocets!
    Sorry to hear about the mishap. Hope it’s not too painful.

  9. Maybe it’s time to adjust that last light fixture? Just sayin’.

  10. Mark: Thanks. Hope you healed well.

    Cassie: Thanks, it’s really not so bad…

    Prodigal: Nice to see you here. Go out for a run. You have no idea how much I’d like to. But if I could, I wouldn’t 😉 Will keep the whiskey on hand just in case.
    How does one sit “incessantly?” lol

    Amigo: Percocets worked just fiiiine. Messed my stomach up though. Was almost worth it. 😉
    It’s beautiful today and I feel like dancing. I’ll take one if I can’t have both!

    Joey: You got the “sucks” right. Thanks, I do feel a bit better today (Friday)

    M+: Thanks, bro. It’s really not as painful as it is inconvenient.

    Scott: Within hours PD had wired up a wonderful solution. He’s amazing like that. Now I have no excuses for being klutzy.

  11. I have a broken wrist. I’ve had a cast for 21 days. It is terribly annoying. I have a picture of it on my blog about 8 posts back, under my Washington DC trip.
    Like you, it does not hurt, but I fear it has destroyed my dream of being a classical pianist -LOL-

  12. Lou: I remember reading that and I’m pretty sure I commented. Hope that’s feeling great for you now.
    A few sessions at the keyboard (piano or PC) I think would make great physical therapy 😉

  13. dear god woman, that’s a sure sign of you working too much and being stressed out of your mind.

    i’m glad you have percocet to tide you over if only for a bit.

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