Today I’m going to scrub down my back porch and outdoor furniture.  I can’t wait to enjoy weekend morning coffee out there and an occasional evening before bed.  Although I saw that the extended weather forecast for the coming week includes the possibility for snow on three consecutive days, in the event that next weekend should be nice also, I want to be ready.

Next weekend we have plans to visit the Juju Clan to celebrate Juju’s birthday and Maddie’s as well.  Little Maddie will be four years old and I’m still pinching myself in an effort to accept that as reality.  She was just born a couple weeks ago, it seems.  I’ll post pictures of our visit/celebration.

I’m thinking of joining the Twitter brigade.  (No, Ashton had nothing to do with it.)  I’m always late to the table, that’s no big newsflash.  But being that I seem to struggle to find time for posting these days, I think it might be a more reasonable way for me to stay connected.  At least to those of you who tweet.  Later today I will get signed on and I see on my WordPress page that you can put your Twitter on your blog.  So maybe it will show up in my sidebar in the next day or so and I can commence to recruit some sort of following.

Anything interesting happen this past week?  Not really.  Had some family health drama that turned out less serious than originally thought, so I’m grateful for that.  PD has started work on enclosing our front porch.  His “help” is here now and I’m enjoying the sounds of the bandsaw and all that.  Going shawpin’ tomorrow for the Birthday Girls with my mom in the rain, most likely.  Other than that, nada.

I’ve been listening to this and loving it:

K, I’m outta here.  Have a terrific weekend 🙂

3 responses to “WORKIN’ ON SATURDAY (at home)

  1. Bob and I did the yard work this morning. It felt so good to be outside in the sun and the air and all the beauty that God’s creation offers to us – Free of charge, no less!
    Ya know how we’re always talkin’ about the coincidences that happen in our lives?…
    You’ll be visiting your clan next weekend while I take Mom to visit hers. Only ours is a 50th Wedding Anniversary.
    Good luck to PD as he endeavors to enclose the porch. I know you’ll enjoy it completely when he’s done.

  2. M+: Doesn’t it feel good to get out and do yard work? I won’t be doing much more due to what you’ll see in my latest post, but I’m glad I got done as much as I did.
    Hope you have a great weekend coming up with the Fam.
    PD and his dad got two sides of the porch framed and then he got kind of sidetracked with my, um… episode.

  3. It did feel good to get outside for the day.
    You enjoy your family too.
    Too bad about the episode and the delays is seems to have caused.

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