I plan to post the second in a series of rants over the weekend.  If you need a password or lost yours, let me know before then.  If you fall into one of the categories, sorry.  Don’t ask.

As for the subject matter, *sigh* …it’s alive and well.

OMG, did you see that Moon this morning?


PM: I sent you a pw to your gmail addy and it came back, “no such addy.”

7 responses to “IT’S COMING

  1. PW: You got mail 🙂

  2. i may have the code still but how ’bout you send her my way just in case.

  3. get a move on wink! hurry it up – i’m gonna wait here for the post.

  4. Raino: You’re a little too anxious… what are you, Dooce Patrol??? 😉

  5. I love the moon. I see it at various times since my schedule is differnt from day to day:)

  6. Joey: Me too. There’s something mysterious and yet comforting about it. And when it’s full, I see a “face” that looks sad and alarmed at the same time. I think he can’t quite believe what he’s seeing down here. I’ve asked many people if that’s the face they see too and they look at me like I’m a little out of my gourd. One of my favorite things is to fall asleep with the moonlight shining on me.

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