…in the book.

Yesterday I put my rant post up here on my PC.  Fired up the laptop for a test run (cause that just seemed like a good idea to me hahaha) and Voila! My post came up with a little box that instructed me to enter the password and my post came up without a hitch.  Then I came on here this morning to find a comment from our good friend Michael + that said “Hate to tell you this but the password doesn’t work.

You know what?  F*** It.  I quit.  My ego can’t take any more of this letting a machine make me feel incompetent and stupid.  Besides, there’s enough big ugly stuff happening in the world right now that makes my rant seem trivial and insignificant anyway.  I’ll just rock up and swallow it.

I’m going to go get lost in my iTunes, maybe some Facebook and a couple games of Solitare and pretend WordPress doesn’t exist for awhile.  You all have a good day.

Update: seems that the password works okay after all for some… hmmn. Not sure what that’s about…

6 responses to “EVERY CURSE WORD…

  1. Um, worked fine for me. I wonder what he meant by “doesn’t work?” Does he mean it showed him the post even without the password, or that he tried the password and could not see the post? Whatever the case, I read it and commented.

    Even though there are people in more severe misery than you in both work and at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t vent. Suffering is relative. Of course when I say, “Damn, I can’t believe we don’t have anything for dinner. Oh well, PB&J again,” it’s not as bad as someone in the heart of the city who doesn’t even know where his next meal is coming from, and I probably should shut up and start spreading the Smuckers.

    You have legitimate concerns, though, and you voiced them. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Mark: Thanks for your kind words and for being in my corner 🙂

  3. ditto what mark said, your distress is as relevant as anyone else’s so let it fly pretty lady!

  4. May I have the pwd please?

  5. Leah: With your blessings, I’ll let the games begin. Just not today.

    PM: Yes you may. I just tried to email it to you and I got it back saying you no longer have a yahoo acct?
    Send me another addy plz.

  6. It’s working now…
    Don’t know why it wasn’t earlier, but it’s all good now.

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