I’m wondering if I should password protect my rant… I’m thinking I should.  Soon as I decide, I’ll let you know.  Some of it is touchy stuff.

8 responses to “TO PP OR NOT TO PP…

  1. Hey you – did you see my birthday wishes for you on your birthday? 😀

  2. LG: I’m sorry I did not. Thank you just the same. This comment some how found it’s way into my spam folder… I checked there for something dated on my bday and there was nothing… I didn’t write a birthday post this year. I will check my emails when I get some free time. Hope you are well 🙂

  3. never can be too safe…

  4. hey. i want the pass code!? please.

  5. I am so glad I read past the title. I was beginning to think you really had lost it! Since I haven’t heard from you in awhile, I do hope that everything is going alright. I have kept you on my prayer list and will continue to do so till you win the lottery! 🙂 Peace.

  6. Ju: I agree.

    Raino: Soon as I have time and figure out how they work, you’re in! Sorry I haven’t been to visit, life’s been nuts.

    Jeff: I lose it on a regular basis. Usually, it comes back 😉 Thanks for the prayers, you’re still on my list too, Amigo. Hugs.

  7. fattiefatterton

    Hey lady – it’s on my blog. I posted your birthday on my blog. 😀

  8. thanks. got it. i will keep checking back here to see when it gets posted.

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